eCommerce Inventory Management

Real-Time Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Keeping inventory levels up-to-date can be an overwhelming operational expense for retailers, especially for those having to manage inventory across multiple suppliers, online stores and sales channels. With SalesWarp’s Inventory Management software, retailers get real-time visibility into all the top and slow moving products on each online store, marketplace and physical store so you can make the proper adjustments to keep stock levels optimal and costs down. No longer will you need to have multiple systems to fulfill customer’s orders and expectations. You will be able to manage inventory from one system, including the ability to manage pick-up from store and ship from store.

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What you can expect:

  • Real-time inventory management across all sales channels including online stores, marketplaces, POS and call centers
  • Automatic updates from every warehouse, supplier and dropshipper
  • Ability to set inventory levels, allocate by channel and automate dropshipping
  • Integration with your existing warehouse management system(WMS)
  • Ability to manage just-in-time (JIT) inventory

Learn how SalesWarp’s real-time Inventory Management features can help you deliver an omnichannel experience.

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