Inventory Management

Centralized Inventory Management and Tracking In Real-Time

SalesWarp’s Inventory Management System provides retailers with real-time inventory visibility across all fulfillment locations and sales channels from one centralized system, including warehouses, drop-shippers, suppliers, and retail stores, to deliver the omnichannel experience customers expect. Synchronized with SalesWarp’s Product Listing Manager and Order Management tools, SalesWarp improves inventory tracking and increases the efficiency of updating stock across every sales channel.
With SalesWarp’ Inventory Management System, a retailer is able to control the amount of stock kept on hand, the amount of stock for sale on each channel, and how often purchase orders are generated to keep stock levels optimal. Retailers selling the same product across multiple channels never have to worry about overselling, cancellations, or out-of-stocks with SalesWarp’s user-defined inventory thresholds, automated purchasing, and real-time inventory synchronization across every channel.
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SPECS: SalesWarp provides core out-of-the-box functionality, including barcode scanner support, combined with commercial source code access (SalesWarp ENTERPRISE customers only) to empower retailers with the flexibility to manage inventory in the way that makes sense for their business. If there is a solution that you use that you do not see below, please call the SalesWarp team at 410-276-4600 to learn more about our flexible connectors.
Inventory Management Features


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • NewEgg*
  • Best Buy Marketplace*
  • The Marketplace at*

eCommerce Platforms:

  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • Network Solutions

POS Systems

Fulfillment Integration:

  • Internal Warehouse
  • Drop shipper
  • Amazon FBA
  • Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL)
  • Retail Locations

Supplier Integration:

  • Drop shipper
  • Vendor
  • Manufacturer

Barcode Scanners / RFID Systems

*Integrations available in Q2 2015

Multi-Channel Inventory Synchronization

SalesWarp’s multi-channel inventory synchronization is ideal for retailers selling the same products across multiple online stores, marketplaces and brick-and-mortar locations. When a product is sold on one store, SalesWarp updates inventory of the product in SalesWarp and then pushes the update to every other channel. This way, inventory availability is consistent across every channel, preventing overselling and cancellations. For retailers selling the same or different products across multiple stores, SalesWarp will remove products for sale when an inventory threshold is met.

Real-time Inventory Tracking

With SalesWarp’s centralized inventory management system, a retailer gains visibility into inventory from a number of different perspectives. From a product level, a retailer can view real-time and historical inventory levels spanning every movement in inventory. A retailer can also view a real-time dashboard of the quantity for sale on every channel and quantity stocked at every location. From a location level, a retailer can view the inventory levels and products stocked at the point of location.

SalesWarp breaks down inventory levels into Quantity on Hand, Quantity on Reserve, Wholesale Quantity for Sale, Quantity for Sale and Open PO, so a retailer can always track different movements in inventory.

Automated Purchasing and Receiving

SalesWarp’s Inventory Management software uses thresholds and re-order rules to auto-generate purchase orders through SalesWarp’s Supplier and Purchase Order Management tools. Inventory thresholds can be a minimum quantity on hand or an inventory margin, set to ensure inventory is always in stock in the case of an unknown circumstance. Once an inventory threshold is met, SalesWarp identifies the preferred supplier and generates a purchase order based on the re-order rules that define the amount of stock that needs to be replenished. uses SalesWarp’s Automated Purchasing and Receiving to manage their JIT inventory of over 1.5 million products.


For more information on Inventory Management or any other SalesWarp feature, please contact one of our Omnichannel Consultants or 410.276.4600.