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The convenience and quality of smartphone cameras have catalyzed the picture sharing trend we see today. People can hardly wait longer than a few moments for someone to view their uploaded photos. So there is no question why Pinterest, an image focused social network site, has rapidly gained over 1 million users since its launch in March 2010.

Unlike images generally uploaded on Facebook, Pinterest is used as a digital inspiration board rather than a personal photo album. Pinterest provides a platform, driven by a network effect, which allows users to pin unlimited amounts of images to a variety of boards. A browse through Pinterest will show you how quickly these images can capture your attention. From exotic locations, to crafty DIYs (Do It Yourself), mouth watering desserts, and fashion’s latest trends, the most popular images are incredibly unique and inspirational.

Mod Cloth is an Internet Retailer that sells indie and retro-style women's clothing. Their Pinterest page not only includes stylish clothing but also unique crafts, savory desserts, and irresistably cute animals.

Pinterest propels more visits to third-party websites than Google+, Youtube and LinkedIn. Given this, retailers are beginning to use Pinterest as an additional sales channel. Retailers are able to display images of their products at no cost while obtaining a potential customer reach of thousands. Images are most commonly pinned from E-stores, blogs, articles, Google images, and personal uploads. Most importantly for retailers, images can drive traffic to their online store.

Users are able to “repin” images to their own boards, which increases the likelihood that users will stumble upon a retailer’s product on another user’s board. Users may comment or “like” a product image, this in return provides valuable feedback and interaction for the retailer. Furthermore, Pinterest allows retailers to add a price to the image in the top left hand corner of the product listing. Each image will be directly linked to a landing page on the respective company’s site. This allows potential customers easy access to a product catalog when they are searching through Pinterest boards.

Etsy, known as the world's most vibrant handmade internet marketplace, provides a price on select product images.

Even though the Pinterest user may click on a product image, there is no guarantee that they will go through with the actual purchase. Pinerly, a new tool developed to help retailers track information beyond basic data, such as repins and likes, can configure how many individuals click the image in a pin to see where it originated from. It is also used as a tool to track users’ interests and determine the best time of day for pinning. This is a great way to analyze customer trends and optimize the interactions between the retailers and their customers.

Pinerly is a useful tool for starting a Pinterest campaign and providing valuable insight into pinners activities.

If you are now convinced to make a Pinterest account for your business, here is some advice from the experts:

  • The content of your boards matter. People are more likely to be attracted to a few eye-catching images on a variety of boards than a handful of boards with 20 “okay” images.
  • Use keywords and relevant search terms in your captions. Pinterest automatically categorizes images with the same keywords, making it easier for people to find your images.
  • Add a “PinIt” Button to your Online store so users can pin directly to their own boards.
  • Mix it up! You don’t have to just pin your products. Add neat images that relate to your products or your business’s personality. This will make the user’s experience less like viewing a storefront and more like viewing a beautiful showroom.
  • To add a price to the image simply use a “$” followed by the price.

Pinterest takes commitment. It takes consistent pinning, repinning, commenting, and liking. So if you’ve followed all the advice from the experts and Pinerly isn’t showing you the results you want, here is my advice. Take professional or high quality pictures of your products individually and in their environment.  Free photo applications such as Instagram, can easily transform a picture of your product to give it a new look and enhanced feel.

Instagram is a free photo sharing application, available on the iPhone and Android, that allows users to transform their photos with a variety of digital filters.

Images are the most influential determinant of whether your Pinterest profile gets noticed or not. The more attractive and engaging the images, the greater the buzz that will drive your sales!

Check out Crafts2U for another example of an online retailer’s Pinterest. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

-Janna Skinner



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