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Omnichannel Retail Dramatically Complicates Order Management

As the retail industry grows and changes, it’s imperative retailers keep up with fundamental marketplace shifts. One such key marketplace dynamic is omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retailing means providing a seamless, continuous customer experience across any device or location a customer wishes to shop from. Customers now expect, even demand, a seamless and consistent shopping experience […]

Selling On Amazon and eBay?

Omnichannel Commerce

Have you started your own online business? Do you have trouble managing products, orders or inventory? Are you selling on Amazon and eBay? If you answered ‘yes’, are you overwhelmed trying to keep up with the demands of selling on these channels? SalesWarp helps retailers like you manage multiple marketplaces (and your own website) – […]

Why Data Visibility is Vital to Omnichannel Success

Omnichannel Commerce

Information can be used by retailers in a variety of ways, but offering data visibility across the organization is vital to omnichannel success. With retailers expanding to a variety of new channels, gaining information about customers and creating detailed profiles has never been easier. Yet at the same time, many merchants still are not using […]