Shane Lundy

Executive Advisor

Shane Lundy has over 14 years of Internet related business development, product strategy, sales management and marketing success. He is an innovative leader that focuses on early stage, high growth companies who have unique intellectual property that will revolutionize the way their customers do business.

Shane is currently the Vice President of Sales & Business Development for buySAFE Inc., he is a board member for SponsorSelect Inc. and executive advisor to DecisionLens Inc.

Before buySAFE, Shane was the Founder and CEO of SponsorSelect Inc. SponsorSelect was a spin out from WeatherBug (dba. Earth Networks) in 2009 and prior to the spin out Shane was on the executive team at WeatherBug where he led Business Development, Product Strategy and Marketing throughout his 9 years at WeatherBug.

During his tenure Shane authored or co-authored several patented and patent pending technologies, SponsorSelect being one of them. Shane’s career started as an entrepreneur in the tennis industry where he started several profitable businesses prior to jumping into the dotcom craze in 1999.