Inventory Management

Cloud-based inventory management System software that is accurate and automated for real-time access, across your entire supply chain

Managing inventory in real-time on one channel is difficult enough. Add multiple channels like eBay and Amazon, multiple fulfillment locations/options (like dropshipping) and the process can become daunting. SalesWarp’s robust Inventory Management System allows you to handle greater order volumes while using fewer resources – because you’ve eliminated those dreaded spreadsheets and manual processes.

SalesWarp gives you real-time inventory visibility across all sales channels (including your store locations), warehouses, suppliers, dropshippers, even FBA. This complete view allows you to sell the same product on multiple channels without worrying about overselling. How nice is that? Set reorder thresholds, automate your purchasing process, improve order fulfillment, and finally have synchronized inventory levels across every channel. With SalesWarp’s multi-channel, real-time inventory management, you can deliver orders, regardless of where the inventory is located.

Inventory Management System Software

Inventory Quantity Sync

  • Synchronize inventory in SalesWarp with multiple sales channels
  • Automatically pushes inventory updates to your channels as they happen
  • Easily view inventory for sale by channel
  • Map multiple Amazon ASINs to one inventory SKU in SalesWarp

Reorder Rules

  • Avoid repercussions from online marketplaces by setting an Inventory Margin per store to prevent overselling
  • Set a Reorder Threshold so a purchase order is automatically generated when stock reaches a certain quantity
  • Dynamic supplier routing for reorders
  • Automatically update inventory upon receipt of purchase orders

Dropship and FBA

  • View quantity on hand for your dropship vendor with inventory feeds via FTP or EDI
  • Push dropship inventory quantity on hand for sale in your stores
  • View quantity on hand at your Fulfilled by Amazon location

Inventory Use Cases

  • Assign a unique serial number to every product unit
  • Manage inventory to create product kits with visibility into kit components and number of possible kits
  • Manage inventory for returns, exchanges, and cancelled orders
  • Option to override actual product quantity in SalesWarp and push a static product quantity to one or multiple sales channels

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