Getting the Most out of IRCE

A meeting of the biggest players in online retail is happening in Chicago this week at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition. With Internet Retailer anticipating attendance of nearly 10,000 people, IRCE Chicago represents a great opportunity to learn, network with others, discuss upcoming trends and promote your brand.

The IRCE conference has exhibited significant growth over the past few years, in large part due to the quality of the experience and the value it brings to attendees, so people going to the event may want to plan out their time at the event to make the most of the experience. Given the sheer size of conference and the number of panels and booths, it is impossible to see everything, so here are a few tips for maximizing the experience over the three days of the show:

Know which panels are happening and when

On the days before and after the conference there are a number of workshops people can attend, covering a wide breadth of topics from selling on Amazon to utilizing mobile channels to engage prospective shoppers. During the actual conference, there are a variety of more general sessions for attendees to check out, broaching topics from brand building to order fulfillment. While we’d all love to go to every single event, the fact of the matter is we can’t be everywhere at once – how great would it be if we could!

This means attendees will have to hit the workshops and sessions with the most relevance to their business. You may want to consider attending sessions that will help you expand the knowledge you already have, or maybe you want to attend workshops that will teach you something new. Retailers are known for their ability to adapt and make decisions on the fly, but this is definitely one time you’re going to want to plan things in advance.

One pre-show workshop session that may be worth checking out is the “Amazon & Me: Seize the Perks; Sidestep the Pitfalls” track on Tuesday, June 2. A growing number of online merchants are capitalizing on the sales happening on marketplaces such as Amazon, and this is the perfect workshop for learning how to take advantage of Amazon. Everything from order fulfillment to merchandising to managing reputation and branding on the channel will be discussed. The workshop should be a great primer for those just getting started on Amazon, while also providing a lot of insight to existing sellers as well.


Be social

Conferences bring together some of the most influential minds in that respective industry, and IRCE Chicago is no different. Some of the major figures in attendance include Gartner analyst Gene Alvarez, and mobile president Jason Goldberger and Unilever Canada digital eCommerce head Jessica Armstrong. Of course, those are just the high-profile speakers – there will be plenty of other industry influencers attending and manning the booths as well.

If retailers want to get the most out of their IRCE Chicago experience, it starts by taking the first step and getting social. This could mean attending lunch meetings or after-hour events. Ask questions at panels. Talk with people at booths. Send emails to associates and partners to see if they are attending or simply pass on informative nuggets picked up at the event. Get on twitter and start connecting with people using the official #IRCE2015 hashtag.


Check out the booths

While the panels and guest speakers are the primary draw for many attendees, you should devote at least a little time to wandering the exhibit hall and checking out some booths. You may wind up seeing a demo for a product or service you had never heard of before, or make some connections that will benefit your business in the future. There are some great booths at the event, so be sure to leave some open slots in your schedule for checking out the exhibit hall. Of course, chances are you’ll also walk away with some promotional knick-knacks and gifts as well, and who doesn’t like free schwag?

Be sure to check out some of SalesWarp’s partners’ booths like Eyemagine in booth 761 and SearchSpring in booth 1921 And if you’re looking to beat the heat and cool down from a long day of attending panels and mingling with other people in the retail industry, swing by the SalesWarp booth. We’ll be located at Booth No. 319 and we’ll be handing out free smoothies to people dropping by. Hope to see you there, and more importantly, hope you make the most out of your trip to IRCE Chicago 2015!

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SalesWarp 2.8 to be launched at IRCE 2015… plus stay tuned for our big reveal

It’s been a busy and exciting year for SalesWarp since last year’s IRCE show in Chicago. With only a week left before IRCE 2015 kicks off, SalesWarp 2.8 is on the verge of being launched! So what have we been working on all this time? Well, for one, we have put a focus on simplifying system set up and configuration for our clients. What does this mean? Less set-up costs and a shorter deployment times. By giving the end-user the tools to easily import, configure, and set up the integrations and data necessary, we have to do less customizations and integrations giving you more control over implementation and costs. These features include import and sync tools, store wizards, verification checks, templates, and drag-and-drop functionality that help the user customize the look and feel of the interface. This means less set-up costs and a quicker time to market.

We are also very excited to demo our updated Product Listing Tool. Listing products is now easier than ever, with all Amazon and eBay category and attribute options pre-built into the listing templates. With an easy-to-use filter you can quickly segment your product catalog to list multiple products to all your channels. And with our verification tool, you’re able to verify that eBay and/or Amazon will accept a product listing (you know how strict they can be) before actually listing a whole category of products. The best part is, if for some reason you receive an error, you will know exactly what needs to be addressed.

Refuel with SalesWarp in Booth 319

If you saw us last year, you’ll remember we were dressed as the Doctors of Omnichannel Pain Relief. Since we’ve addressed your pains, this year we are focused on performance – so you can catch us in our running gear and handing out #RETAILFUEL to all those retailers struggling to keep up with orders and inventory because of inefficient systems.

PERFORMANCE is key for any retailer looking to scale their business and deliver consistent and seamless service to customers across all channels and during all times of the year – most importantly for some, the holidays! SalesWarp delivers real-time order processing and order routing from a single cloud-based system, and we GUARANTEEE IT! Stay tuned on Twitter @SalesWarp to hear how SalesWarp outperformed multiple leading Order Management Systems to be selected by an Internet Retailer Top 500 retailer, who is scheduled to go live with SalesWarp this summer!

Refuel with SalesWarp in booth 319

Follow us @SalesWarp with #RetailFuel during the event and stop by in between sessions breaks for the chance to win a Garmin Forerunner 220 Watch, Beats Headphones or JayBird Wireless Headphones! See you there!

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Inventory visibility is key to delivering what you promise

Retailers unanimously agree that system and channel-wide inventory visibility is key to their success and their ability to serve customers adequately. However, comparatively few retailers actually have the solutions in place that grant them this system-wide visibility, and even fewer are actively synchronizing inventory across all of their different channels. This impacts their ability to execute and can result in operational failures, missed sales and angry customers. Continue reading

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ERP System, ERP for eCommerce, Retail Management System…what do I search for?

It seems to me that when many retailers (usually small to medium) start looking for a back-end management system (what I’ll call it for now) to improve their operations, they seem to want to search for an ERP system. Why is that?

An ERP system is typically NOT designed to meet the needs of today’s modern retail and online businesses. Yet, that is what so many retailers search for when they’ve reached the stage of their business where small business solutions and manual processes just aren’t going to cut it anymore.

Continue reading

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Using Customer Insights and Targeting to Personalize the Buying Experience

Whenever someone buys anything nowadays they always check out multiple websites and local retail stores.

Shoppers use every connected device they have to do their research; desktop computers, connected games consoles, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Personalized websites are particularly popular, with 55% of shoppers saying that it is easier to find interesting products on websites that are personalized. 84% of buyers admit to checking for both positive and negative reviews on social media and review sites. Some people will still visit real-world stores to eyeball the items they are thinking of buying and these stores are in no danger of mass closure as long as they use technology to adapt.

Continue reading

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How to speed up order fulfillment [Infographic]

The retail environment has changed so drastically in the last couple of years – many customers have come to expect delivery within two to three days, and in some cases the very same day. In the eyes of customers, speed matters.

In order for sellers to meet these lofty expectations, they need to leverage order fulfillment tools that will help them quickly and accurately pick, pack and ship goods. For retailers, these tools allow them to operate more efficiently, processing orders quickly and getting more done per day. For customers, it often translates into improved order turnaround time – when retailers get the package out the door quicker, it also tends to get to shoppers’ doorstep faster as well. This leaves merchants asking the question, “how do I speed up order fulfillment?” Continue reading

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“I’m juggling inventory to avoid overselling a product.”

Omni Channel Pain Point No. 4

February 2015

Our pain point for February is one that we hear often from retailers, especially those selling on multiple channels: “I’m juggling inventory to avoid overselling a product.” The term ‘juggling’ is something you want to hear a clown say in reference to the bowling pins he’ll be tossing around at your son’s birthday party. ‘Juggling’ is definitely not something you want to hear from a retailer, specifically not from the person in charge of allocating inventory for a retail organization. Unfortunately, many retailers struggle to maintain cross-channel inventory levels. Continue reading

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SalesWarp at NRF 2015

SalesWarp attended the National Retail Federation’s BIG Show last week in New York. There are big trade shows and then there are BIG TRADE SHOWS. NRF was definitely the latter. With thousands of retail professionals flooding the area around the Javits Center and two full floors devoted to the EXPO hall, NRF was the biggest trade show SalesWarp has attended so far, and a major event for the retail industry as a whole. We came prepared to hand out our signature “OmniChannel Pain Relief” bottles of M&M’s and talk to retailers about speeding up order fulfillment. We had the opportunity to show off SalesWarp’s mobile warehouse features with our interactive warehouse shelf, tablet, and barcode scanner demonstration. Continue reading

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[Infographic] How to meet the omnichannel order fulfillment challenge

When retailers think about omnichannel order fulfillment, the complexities of all the different order, delivery, and return options may come to mind.  With retailers molding their business to better serve customers whenever and wherever,  it has never been more important that retailers have deployed order management software to facilitate turnaround time and better utilize all available resources. Continue reading

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Omnichannel Commerce = A 360 Degree View

360 Degree Omnichannel ViewUnless you’ve been hiding in a cave this past year (or a crevice with James Franco in 127 Hours – a great movie by the way if you haven’t see it), you have definitely seen how retailers are continuously striving to deliver that omnichannel experience customers expect.

With the rapid improvement of eCommerce platforms, channel management software and order management systems to name a few, retailers have been able to accomplish this across their online channels, but in many instances, are still failing to incorporate the POS system, or in-store experience. This means that they have not yet achieved a true 360 degree view of their customers or their overall retail operations. Continue reading

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