Product Information Management Pain Points (Part 1)

Product Information Management

With merchants extending their reach across multiple channels, product information management has become a top priority. Failure to create a centralized hub for product information management can lead to major challenges. Disparities of product data between multiple channels could lead to a confusing shopping experience, resulting in a poor impression of the retail brand among customers and hinder the implementation of new sales avenues.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Traditional ERP or ERP for eCommerce

Enterprise resource planning is a critical retail function. With the right ERP solution, merchants are able to reduce costs, improve productivity, better use their personnel and achieve other mission-critical objectives. Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Omni Channel Pain Points from IRCE

A few weeks ago SalesWarp attended the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition in Chicago. We met with hundreds of retailers and asked them all the same question, “What is your biggest omni channel pain point?” The results provide unique insight into the variety of challenges retailers face today. Some of the top pain points reported had to do with integrating systems and managing cross-channel inventory. Take a look at our results in the infographic below. Continue reading

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Selling on New Marketplaces: Rakuten, Sears, Best Buy and Newegg

As an omni channel retailer, you’re probably selling products on your website, in your store, over the phone, and/or on Amazon and Ebay. But what about some of the other online marketplaces? If you’re not listing products on marketplaces like Shopping you could be missing out on revenue, not to mention a whole new set of customers. In SalesWarp’s new 2.7 release, we’ve built store connections to Shopping, Best Buy Marketplace, Newegg and the Marketplace at Let’s get to know these new options for increasing your sales:
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Updated Feature: Order Routing Rules

Retailers need the ability to automate operational processes. With multiple sales channels, fulfillment locations and order steps, having the ability to design custom order routing rules to circumvent manual tasks becomes invaluable. SalesWarp ENTERPRISE has always offered retailers a way to create order routing rules by building custom order flows to match the needs of their business, but we’re especially excited about the new order routing features available in the upcoming 2.7 release.

The new order flow interface in SalesWarp 2.7 offers a visual and straightforward tool for retailers to design custom routing rules for processes like order fulfillment, dropshipping, purchase orders, returns, exchanges and more. Order flows are now displayed like diagrams so that every step and every possible outcome for each step is visible on one screen.

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Updated Feature: Product Listing Tool

Omni channel retailers need to be organized. The typical omni channel retailer sells on multiple sales channels (Magento, Amazon, eBay, Brick-and-Mortar) and fulfills orders from multiple locations (Warehouse, Drop Shipper, In-Store). With operations spread out over all these different areas, an omni channel retailer’s biggest asset is one system to manage it all. One system means one screen from which to view all orders from every order source, all inventory across every location, every product for sale across each channel, and all customers no matter where they are purchasing.

As part of SalesWarp’s 2.7 release, SalesWarp has updated the visibility of active and in-active products in a retailer’s product catalog across every store. Now the user can view product quantity for sale and selling price on each store without diving into an individual product page. Simply click the stores tab from the product menu to view the entire product catalog for every store integrated with SalesWarp. For each product, the user has an option to list the product to a store or simply add to all stores.

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Updated Feature: Product Attributes Tool

SalesWarp is constantly adding new features and updating the interface of the SalesWarp system to make it easier for our clients to use and navigate. The newest 2.7 release of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE is now available to new customers, and existing customers have the option of adding the new 2.7 features.

As part of SalesWarp’s Product Information Management System, SalesWarp includes a product attribute tool that allows a retailer to create individual attributes and organize them into attribute groups and attribute sets. Product attributes play a large role in building out content-rich product data on a retailer’s online store, marketplace, or comparative shopping engine. Product attributes not only describe a product but can also be used to distinguish a retailer’s product from a competitor’s. SalesWarp 2.7 features a new product attribute interface, allowing the retailer to more easily browse attributes in each attribute group.

The updated interface of the product attribute tool still contains the easy drag-and-drop functionality that existed in SalesWarp 2.6, but instead of a scrolling interface with long lists of attributes, the interface uses main tabs and sub-tabs so a retailer can view one attribute group at time.

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SalesWarp Recaps IRCE 2014

IRCE 2014

Last week several members of the SalesWarp team were in Chicago for the 2014 Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE2014). We met with hundreds of retailers and asked them all the same question:

“What is your biggest omni channel pain point?”

We received great responses, ranging from inventory management to cross-channel product publishing. It didn’t hurt that we also handed out blue and orange M&M’s in pain relief bottles. Be on the lookout as we share more pain points over the next few months. In the meantime, here’s a short video recapping our week at IRCE:

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The SalesWarp Guide to IRCE 2014!

IRCE 2014 Omni Channel Pain RelieverIf you’re like us and you’re heading to IRCE 2014 next week, no doubt you’ve been busy preparing for your trip. If you’re retailer, you may be outlining your plans, figuring out what companies you want to visit that may have a solution to solve your eCommerce pains. At SalesWarp, we’ve partnered up with some great companies, whether for our SalesWarp solution or for our own marketing and business processes. I wanted to share some of these that will be joining us at IRCE in case you are looking for some of these solutions. Continue reading

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Organizing Attributes for Amazon, eBay and Other Online Channels

Retailers selling through big online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay face tough competition. In addition to setting competitive pricing and keeping inventory in stock, all the basics of listing a product must be covered. At the bare minimum, an Amazon product listing must include the name of the product, manufacturer, SKU and UPC. The best listings also include the brand, description, item type, product type and a variety of additional attributes, or traits, that describe the product. Continue reading

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