Vineyard Vines: In-store Inventory to Fulfill Online Orders

Our Marketing Development Manager, Janna, recently placed an online order with the clothing and accessory retailer Vineyard Vines. When her order arrived via shipment, a personal note was included in the packaging:

As you can see, the ordered item was out of stock in the Vineyard Vines fulfillment warehouse, however it was available at a nearby retail location. This is a great example of a retailer leveraging one sales channel to support another. Cross-channel inventory management is an important part of multichannel retail today. Forrester reports that 71% of consumers expect to view in-store inventory online, while 50% expect to buy online and pick up in-store. Maintaining synchronized inventory across multiple suppliers, warehouses and retail locations is a challenge to any retailer, but the right eCommerce management software solution can help. We especially like the personal touch that Vineyard Vines put into this order fulfillment with a note from Tim, the store staff person who packed it. As Bryan Kramer wrote earlier this year, the terms B2B and B2C may be replaced by H2H, or Human to Human marketing, as eCommerce becomes increasingly more focused on the customer’s experience.

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Retailer Q&A’s will reveal unique perspective on retail operations

Yesterday, we published our first Q&A with Merchandising and Production Manager, Jill Kerr from luxury jewelry retailer, Kendra Scott. SalesWarp will be conducting interviews with a variety of retailers on a variety of topics depending on the person’s role at the retail company. Continue reading

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eCommerce Software Flexibility (Part Two): Inventory Management

In part one of the eCommerce Software Flexibility blog series, I talked about how flexible order management software can help online retailers improve order management and their eCommerce operations. Flexible eCommerce software gives online retailers the ability to configure automated tasks to perform tasks that meet their specific business operational needs. When an online retailer is managing inventory stocked at multiple warehouses and selling that inventory on multiple online stores, a standard system may not be able to handle the different scenarios a multichannel retailer encounters. This week, I will focus on the different ways an online retailer may benefit from eCommerce software flexibility when trying to improve inventory management. Continue reading

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eCommerce Software Flexibility (Part One): Order Management

Flexibility is one of the most sought after benefits when an online retailer is looking for eCommerce software to fit their business. Conforming ones business to a standard, cookie cutter structure can be detrimental to competitive advantage and how a business is able to deliver service expected by its customers.

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Best Buy blames sales and supply chain issues for holiday sales decline

Electronics giant Best Buy recently released its holiday earnings report, which ended on Jan. 4. Although the retailer reported $11.45 million in revenue during the nine-week period, that figure was down slightly compared to the 2012 holiday season, during which Best Buy earned $11.75 million.

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SalesWarp ENTERPISE and Volusion Are Now Fully Integrated

VolusionRecently, a potential client approached us with a project. They knew we were the right fit for their business – scalable, flexible, and providing functionality for managing multiple online stores and warehouses from one system. However, they were using Volusion, a shopping cart we did not have an integration for…yet. The client agreed to work with us if we were able to integrate SalesWarp ENTERPRISE with their Volusion store. Continue reading

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Replatforming eCommerce Software

When constant upgrades become daily tasks, or a software’s functionality just isn’t meeting growth demands, it might be a sign that it’s time to replatform your eCommerce software. According to the infographic below, created by Monetate, an overwhelming 72% of eCommerce companies plan to change their platform technology solution in the next 3 years. 46% of eCommerce retailers plan to upgrade to new order management software at the same time. Continue reading

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[Infographic] Will Cyber Monday Spending Increase in 2013?

Is your retail business prepared for Cyber Monday? An infographic by Best Computer Science Schools, displays “How Cyber Monday became the new Black Friday”. In 2012 nearly 1.5 billion dollars were spent with online retailers on Cyber Monday alone. The draw of Cyber Monday? It seems to be free shipping. 96% of consumers surveyed cited free shipping as the reason why they purchased their holiday gifts on Cyber Monday.

Do you think American dollars spent online the Monday after Thanksgiving will increase more than 14.6% (the increase from 2011 to 2012)? Let us know in the comments below and check out this infographic for key stats and figures about the history of Cyber Monday.

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Study: More consumers doing their holiday shopping earlier

The end-of-the-year holiday season might be getting even longer if consumer shopping behavior is any indication. A new report from CFI Group, a customer satisfaction technology and analytics firm, has found that a significant number of shoppers – particularly the highly-coveted millennial group – are starting their holiday shopping earlier than they have in years past.

Although Black Friday weekend is commonly regarded as the start of the holiday shopping season, the CFI Group study found customers were starting their holiday shopping long before that. In fact, nearly half of respondents (45 percent) reported they will have already embarked on their holiday shopping sprees before the month of November even rolls around. Continue reading

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Five Success Factors for Omnichannel Merchandisers

OmniChannel ShoppingRetailers seem to excel in the omnichannel market when they can seamlessly manage inventory, product information, and which products are presented to which channels at what time. While they may operate in different industries, those who are most successful provide excellent customer service no matter where the customer is purchasing. Continue reading

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