Inventory Management System

Inventory Sync

  • Automate inventory updates to multiple sales channels
  • Set inventory margins by store to prevent overselling
  • Instantly sync inventory to multiple product listings on sales channels
  • Enable automated inventory alerts for discontinued or out-of-stock products
  • Manage inventory for returns, exchanges, and 998u ancelled orders

Multi-location Fulfillment

  • Easily monitor stock levels from multiple locations
  • Transfer inventory between warehouse and fulfillment locations
  • Automatically fulfill orders from the nearest fulfillment center

Dropship and FBA

  • Monitor dropship vendor inventory levels through inventory feeds via FTP or EDI
  • Update your store’s inventory with real-time dropship stock availability
  • Access available product quantity at your Fulfilled by Amazon locations

Lot & Date Code Tracking

  • Assign unique serial numbers to product units
  • Create product kits with visibility into kit components
  • Implement barcode or RFID-based lot and date code tracking