Product listing and Management Software

Listing Templates

  • Map product data to marketplaces data requirements
  • Create listing templates for specific product categories
  • Modify and reuse listing templates at any time
  • Create templates for simple, configurable, and kit products

Easy Import Tools

  • Easily monitor incoming and outgoing product data for faster error resolution
  • Automatically integrate product data from popular eCommerce platforms
  • Easily update and upload products with simple spreadsheet mapping
  • Publish new product from data anywhere within minutes.

Simple Export Tools

  • Export your entire catalog and existing product categories
  • Export a filtered list of products based on categories or attribute sets
  • Adapt product listings to meet eCommerce marketplace requirements

Product Synchronization

  • Instantly sync one product to multiple on preferred sales channels
  • Automatically update inventory levels to each marketplace
  • Schedule automatic pricing updates, specific to store and product

Categories & Attribute Management

  • Automatically assign product categories based on existing product data
  • Organize attributes into sets for easy listing and export
  • Set up specific category mapping rules
  • Create and edit titles, product descriptions, and other attributes in bulk