Supplier Management Software

Vendor management

  • Streamline bulk import and export functionality for suppliers
  • Customize and tailor supplier attributes based on specific requirements
  • Accurately track and record purchase order status and history

Purchasing Process

  • Automate purchase order creation based on product reorder thresholds
  • Generate purchase orders in PDF or CSV format, and send via email, EDI, or physical mail.
  • Get comprehensive visibility of products and inventory categorized by supplier

Purchase Orders

  • Utilize standard steps or create custom steps for POs
  • Consolidate POs by adding multiple items to open purchases from the same supplier
  • Customize and assign PDF or Email PO templates to specific suppliers

Receiving Process

  • Efficient order receiving using barcode scanner or bulk entry
  • Assign barcode locations to received items
  • Receive partial purchase orders
  • Create, send and convert quotes into orders