Barcode Scanner Integration

  • Generate pick tickets and pack slips containing order barcodes
  • Scan product codes (UPCs, SKUs, etc) to add a product to an order or receive inventory from returns and suppliers
  • Conduct quality assurance checks by scanning product codes

Product Location Manager

  • Create barcode locations with detailed levels of specificity (e.g., Building, Zone, Aisle, Shelf, Bin) to accurately track product locations
  • Assign multiple warehouse locations to a single product
  • Display product location on pick tickets

Pick, Pack & Ship

  • Print pick tickets and pack slips for orders
  • Track KPI for users, such as picks per hour and accuracy
  • Connect to 3rd party shipping software like ShipWorks, ShipStation and FedEx Ship Manager to get labels and receive tracking numbers within SalesWarp

Advanced Management

  • Batch orders according to zone, aisle, ship method, or order value
  • Assign orders to pick carts equipped with detailed product information, images, ordered quantities, and item locations
  • Accommodate wave picking or per-order picking options
  • Manage inventory and order fulfillment for Fulfilled By Amazon