SalesWarp eCommerce Management Software

Mission Control For eCommerce Management

SalesWarp eCommerce Management Software is a flexible, easy-to-use system that will help retailers accelerate top-line growth while improving bottom line profitability. SalesWarp gives you the tools to manage your operations more efficiently, including order, inventory, product, customer, purchasing and warehouse management tools. Through data consolidation and system integration, SalesWarp also delivers the intelligence you need to make better business decisions. And as the last system you will ever need to implement, SalesWarp will provide the IT scalability and performance needed to meet the demands of every stage of growth. All of this is delivered in a single, cloud-based platform, giving visibility to all parties involved in creating the omnichannel experience your customers expect.

SalesWarp Omnichannel eCommerce Management Software eCosystem: Sell More. Make More. Manage Less. Features: Product Management(PIM), Product Listing, Order Management System (OMS), Inventory Management, Customer Management, Reporting & Analytics, Supplier Management, Purchasing & Receiving, Fulfillment, Warehouse Management System (WMS), Payment Processing, ERP & Accounting Integration, Shipping Integration, Omnichannel Commerce, Back-end Integration, Multichannel Retail, Big Commerce, Magento, Volusion, eBay, Amazon, POS, B2B, Call Centers

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  • Automated product listings (Add-On), inventory updates, order routing and fulfillment, shipping and customer management processes
  • Synchronized inventory, product, order and customer data across all channels and internal departments
  • Easy-to-use interface makes it easy for you to manage the fulfillment processes, attributes and more
  • Able to handle complex product catalogs with millions of SKUS, serialization, kits & configurable items
  • Web-based and accessible from anywhere
  • Real-time data visibility across your entire organization
  • One source of “data truth” for consistency across sales channels & your organization
  • A significant reduction in operating costs
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Increased opportunities to scale and grow
  • Accelerated time to market
  • Advanced business intelligence for more effective decision-making
  • Ability to deliver a more unified & responsive customer experience

SalesWarp eCommerce Management Software is a perfect fit for multi-channel retailers with one or more of the following characteristics:

1.  Selling or looking to sell on multiple channels: eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces
     in-store, wholesale, call centers, POS systems.

2.  Looking to create a seamless experience for customers across all channels.
3.  Fulfilling orders from multiple locations and needing automated order routing.
4.  Experiencing growing pains with their existing systems.
5.  Need unlimited scalability in terms of products, order, inventory, and customer data.
6.  Lack real-time visibility across front-end sales channels and back-end operations.
7.  Have multiple data sets and need one central source of data.
8.  Generating more than $5 million, with typical clients on SalesWarp ranging from
     $20M – $100M+ annually.

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