David Potts

CEO & Founder

Being an entrepreneur at heart, David has always enjoyed working in new and emerging markets. His career includes roles as Executive, Senior Manager and Engineer at a number of high-tech companies including Founder & active CEO of 6th Street Inc, an eCommerce solutions firm; Senior Vice President at SafeNet, a security software and hardware company; Director of Wireless Applications at Texas Instruments, the industry leader in smartphone hardware and software designs.

David developed the SalesWarp platform to help growing retailers who need innovative omnichannel solutions at more affordable prices. Today, SalesWarp helps retailers with automated tools to manage product, order and customer data across multiple online stores and suppliers from one system. David’s commitment to constantly strengthen and expand upon the SalesWarp platform is a key reason why the 6th Street Inc. brand can proudly stand behind this software.

David holds an MBA from University of Texas Austin and Bachelors of Science in electrical engineering from Kansas State University.

David Potts-CEO & Founder of SalesWarp