An e-tailer of many parts solves an inventory management problem

Media Coverage offers 1.5 million SKUs, replacement parts for many brands of motorcycles, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles. And it often orders parts only when customers order them. Here’s how it’s automating that complex process. LLC offers 1.5 million SKUs. But it only stocks best sellers, and orders other items when customers place orders on its e-commerce site. Managing that just-in-time inventory ordering process for such a large catalog has been a time-consuming process, says Brandon Briggs, chief technology officer.

But that’s about to change, Briggs says.

The web-only retailer of replacement parts for motorcycles, snowmobiles and recreational vehicles will soon deploy software from SalesWarp that will keep track of every SKU it offers and automate the process of ordering an item when required, Briggs says. That SalesWarp software will replace an inventory management product from Fishbowl that Gearhead has modified to meet its needs.


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