Supplier Management Software

Simplify inventory replenishment with automated purchasing

SalesWarp streamlines communication between retailers and suppliers through a single, unified platform that records, manages, and receives all purchase orders. Simply programmed rules automatically generate reorders in a timely fashion and send them directly to suppliers. SalesWarp provides a 24/7, real-time view of inventory across an entire retail operation, avoiding uncertainty about available quantities and eliminating out-of-stock situations.

SalesWarp Supplier Management Software - Highlights

Supplier Management Software

  • Bulk import/export for suppliers
  • Custom supplier attributes
  • Record payments made to suppliers

Purchasing Process

  • Set reorder thresholds per product that automatically trigger purchase order creation when inventory threshold is met
  • Generate P.O. as a PDF or CSV and send via email or EDI, or even print and mail
  • Have visibility of all products and inventory by supplier
  • View a history of purchase orders for better purchasing decisions

Purchase Orders

  • Create custom PDF and Email templates for POs and assign them to specific suppliers
  • Consolidate POs by adding multiple items to be purchased to an open purchase of the same supplier
  • Purchase Order steps that walk through sending, approval, and receiving the PO
  • Use the standard steps or create custom steps
  • Visibility into current status of a PO

Receiving Process

  • Receive items one at a time with a barcode scanner or in bulk
  • SalesWarp auto-updates inventory upon receipt of PO
  • Receive partial purchase orders
  • Assign barcode locations to received items
  • Ability to create a quote, send to customer, and convert quote into an order, especially good for B2B orders


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