Speedy Store-Based Fulfillment - A Game of Tag, You're It

David Potts

David Potts

Guest Speakers: David Potts, CEO @ SalesWarp + Rory Hudson, VP of IT @ Zumiez

At the Internet Retailer Conference, SalesWarp CEO David Potts will be a featured guest speaker with Zumiez VP of IT, Rory Hudson. The two will be speaking about “Speedy Store-Based Fulfillment”.

Fulfilling website orders via stores is a smart way to optimize physical assets. Add a competitive element to incentivize staff and soon the culture becomes performance-oriented. This is what Zumiez found when it implemented an order management system with a stopwatch: if a store fails to fill and ship an order within a preset time, the order is re-routed to another store; the stopwatch starts again, and if the second store is too slow, the order is re-routed again – and everyone is keeping score. Top performers in this hot potato game – at the warehouse and in stores – are recognized and rewarded. And those lagging behind are motivated to up their game.

Rory Hudson - VP of IT Zumiez

Rory Hudson

Zumiez will describe how the new strategy and systems were deployed, how staff adopted the process changes, the positive impact on
the work environment and most importantly, the sales impact of faster delivery times. Our second speaker from vendor SalesWarp will detail the automation required to implement such a system and the results seen by other retailers using a similar strategy.

Wed, June 08, 2016 1:45 pm to 2:15 pm
Track: Retail Chains

mCommerce Mixer Hosted By Shopgate & SalesWarp

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