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Retailers today face increasing competition in the marketplace, but also unprecedented opportunities for rapid and sustained growth. To capture these opportunities, retailers must be both agile and responsive.

SalesWarp Elite is designed to intelligently manage every phase of order, inventory, and fulfillment operations. When combined with its customization capabilities, SalesWarp Elite is an incredibly powerful solution that automates time-consuming tasks and eliminates errors in the process. And that means more sales, better margins, and happier customers.

SalesWarp Elite provides complete, real-time visibility into customer orders, available inventory, and alternative fulfillment options. For customers, an “endless aisle” shopping experience ensures they quickly and easily find and order the products they want — the way they want to shop — in-store or online.

SalesWarp Elite delivers the market’s most flexible and robust distributed order management system for ensuring overall high customer satisfaction with searching, ordering, and receiving products — when and how they want, every time.

Benefits include:

• Seamless Omnichannel Capabilities
• Automated & Custom Order Routing
• Multi-Channel Inventory Sync
• Batch & Wave Picking with Barcodes
• In-Store Fulfillment Applilcation

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Distributed Order Management Software - SalesWarp

Supported Features

With SalesWarp ELITE, you get every feature you can imagine, or at least the ones you need. You can also start with what’s available in SalesWarp ADVANTAGE (listed below) and customize one or more features. Either way, it’s fine with us.

  • Multi-Channel Order Management
  • In-Store Interface
  • Automated & Custom Order Routing
  • Automated & Custom Workflows
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Real-Time Inventory Check
  • Simple, Configurable, Kit & Serialized Product Management
  • Automated Inventory & Shipping Updates
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Sync
  • Advanced Batch or Wave Picking with Barcode Scanners
  • Warehouse KPI Tracking
  • Put Away
  • Returns, Refunds & Exchanges
  • Enroute Integration
  • Product Location Manager
  • POS & ERP Integration
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx Rate Shopping
  • Product Listing to Magento, Amazon, eBay

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We will work with you to provide a customized quote based on your unique requirements. Give us a ring at 410.276.4600 to speak to one of our Omnichannel experts, or email sales@SalesWarp.com for more information. Don't forget to ask us how we helped Zumiez integrate online with nearly 600 stores AND implement a new Warehouse Management System with SalesWarp ELITE.

What Our Clients Say
We wanted an order and fulfillment solution that focused on putting the customer experience first, and SalesWarp has exceeded our expectations. We could not be more impressed with their technical team’s ability to seamlessly integrate our key systems and to do so in such a short period of time. – Zumiez
SalesWarp is super simple for my staff to use and fantastic search and filter functions that save time and effort when managing thousands or orders and sku's across multiple marketplaces. – Thanks Mama
Within the first year of implementing SalesWarp, our eCommerce sales grew 300% because we processed more orders - across more channels - and fulfilled those orders faster! – S&S Sports

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