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Are You Looking For An Advanced Order Management System?

Retailers face a whole new set of challenges when they start achieving high growth rates. With the right systems and technology in place, retailers can overcome these problems and ultimately, grow market share and increase profits.

SalesWarp Essentials delivers a comprehensive order management solution that rapidly automates every critical aspect of the retail process, ensuring satisfied customers now and enabling streamlined market expansion in the future.

Retailers scaling up their businesses can now deploy SalesWarp Essentials’ game-changing SaaS hub, drastically reducing the time and cost of implementation. Immediately, sellers gain easy access to new sales channels through SalesWarp’s extensive network of marketplace partners, including Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.

SalesWarp Essentials smoothly integrates with leading shopping carts like BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and more. The solution’s dashboard provides at-a-glance, 360-degree visibility into the status of all customer orders, and all available inventory at every location.

When it’s time for a retailer to ramp up its growth with an advanced order management system that provides built-in intelligence and unlimited scalability, SalesWarp Essentials delivers the single solution necessary.

Benefits include:

• Unlimited Items – Users, SKU’s, Images, Stores, Listings, Locations
• Out-Of-The-Box Integration With Partner Systems
• Integrated Operations To Sustain A Single Customer Conversation
• More Efficient Order Processing, Improved Order Accuracy
• Centralized Inventory Management
• Centralized Administrative Controls
• Manage Product Variants
• Barcode Compatibility
• Automatic Channel Sync
• Company-wide Visibility Of All Inventory Across All Sources
• Channel Expansion Opportunities
• Sales & Performance Reports
• Customer Service & RMA Management

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Order Management Software for Small Retailers - SalesWarp

Supported Features

  • Multi-Channel Order Management
  • Automated & Configurable Order Routing
  • Pick, Pack, Ship with Barcode Scanners
  • FBA Management
  • Reorder Rules
  • Automated Inventory & Shipping Updates
  • Multi-Channel Inventory Sync
  • Customer Management
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx Rate Shopping
  • Sales & Performance Reports


  • Warehouse to Warehouse Transfers
  • Simple, Configurable, Kit & Serialized Product Management
  • Automated & Configurable Purchase Order Routing
  • Order & Customer Tickets
  • Quote Orders
  • Product Location Manager
  • Returns, Refunds & Exchanges
  • Quickbooks Desktop Integration
  • Shipstation & Shipworks Integratoin
  • Paypal & Integration

What Our Clients Say
SalesWarp has helped us substantially eliminate the manual effort that was previously required in operating our business. Our business finally has the required architecture that is scalable, affordable, and most of all, offers enterprise-like functionality. – Destination Pet Supplies
The interface is very clean and intuitive. I have worked in and evaluated many software products for my business, and SalesWarp was far and away the simplest to use. – Thanks Mama
Within the first year of implementing SalesWarp, our eCommerce sales grew 300% because we processed more orders - across more channels - and fulfilled those order faster! – S&S Sports
SalesWarp provides a flexible and high-performance solution that matches our demanding needs, and as a partner, understands our business needs. – Zumiez

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