Omnichannel Commerce Management

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Delivering a Consistent Omnichannel Shopping Experience

Delivering a unified shopping experience requires the consolidation of business processes, data and retail software systems that participate in cross-channel business activities. SalesWarp’s Omni Channel Management software integrates with eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, call centers, B2B and in-store POS systems to provide consolidation, automation, and visibility across multiple customer touch points from one centralized software system.
SalesWarp’s Omni Channel Management tools work in synchronization with SalesWarp’s Distributed Order Management System, Advanced Store Builder, Product Data Management, Inventory Management System, and Customer Management tools to consolidate all product, order, inventory and customer data from every online and offline sales channel, providing real-time, end-to-end visibility and data intelligence for management teams across the organization.
With SalesWarp’s Omni Channel Management tool, retailers are able to automate inventory synchronization, product listings, order flows, and customer management across multiple sales channels and fulfillment locations. And, retailers can offer the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience to customers with SalesWarp’s flexible fulfillments options, such as pick-up in-store and ship-from-store.
Regardless of what sales channels customers are buying from, SalesWarp empowers retailers to provide superior customer service through a consistent cross-channel brand experience.
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SPECS: SalesWarp’s provides core out-of-the-box functionality combined with commercial source code access (SalesWarp ENTERPRISE customers only) to empower retailers with the flexibility to manage multiple sales channels in the way that makes sense for their business.If there is a channel that you sell on that you do not see below, please call the SalesWarp team at 410-276-4600 to learn more about our flexible connectors.
Omni Channel Management


  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • NewEgg*
  •* (formerly
  • Best Buy Marketplace*
  • The Marketplace at*

eCommerce Platforms:

  • Magento
  • Volusion
  • Network Solutions

POS Systems

Call Centers

Wholesale / B2B Channels

Advanced Store Builder

By providing seamless channel integrations, SalesWarp’s Advanced Store Builder, not only reduces the time and resources needed to publish products across multiple eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and B2B sales channels, but gives retailers the power to easily expand product lines and reach more customers on more sales channels, ultimately increasing online sales.

*Integrations available in Q2 2015

Consolidated Order Management

By connecting to everywhere a retailer sells, retailers get one centralized order management tool so they can deliver on the “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experience today’s customers expect. By consolidating this data into SalesWarp’s Distributed Order Management System, retailer’s gain a single view of all orders from virtually any order source, to easily identify, track, modify, and manage the life cycle of virtually any type of order.

Consolidated Customer Management

With SalesWarp’s Customer Management tools, a retailer and their customer service team has the ability to log into one system to view all customer information complete with contact information, order and return history, RMAs and customer tickets across all of the sales channels a customer shops on.

Centralized Inventory Management

Retailers selling the same product across multiple channels never have to worry about overselling, cancellations, or out-of-stocks with SalesWarp’s Inventory Management System that manage inventory thresholds, automated purchasing for restocking, and real-time inventory synchronization across every sales channel.

Centralized Product Data Management

SalesWarp’s Product Data Management tools allow retailers to import and standardize all product data from suppliers and drop shippers to create one central product catalog. By utilizing these tools, a retailer gains “one source of product truth” to ensure consistency across every online and offline sales channel.

For more information on Omni Channel Management or any other SalesWarp feature, please contact one of our Omnichannel Consultants or 410.276.4600.