Customer Management

Simplify customer management, with a single view across every eCommerce and physical channel

With SalesWarp’s centralized Customer Management Software tools, “omnichannel” retail becomes a reality. The solution provides a 360-degree view of every customer across every channel, taking customer service to a whole new level. From detailed order information, to managing returns and exchanges, to creating custom email communications, SalesWarp enables consistent and reliable customer service that builds loyal relationships and repeat business.


SalesWarp Customer Management Software - Highlights

360-Degree Customer View

  • Consolidate orders from different sales channels and attribute to the same record
  • Maintain multiple ship-to addresses
  • See all orders, tickets, and returns from one dashboard
  • View lifetime customer value, with 30- and 60-day snapshots
  • For large clients, custom integration with POS system (track customers across all channels, able to return items in-store that were purchased online)

Customer Service Portal

  • Detailed information on the order, including order history, order status, and shipment
  • Easy return and exchange processes. Ability to cancel or modify an order
  • Import customer database with csv or excel file
  • Create new orders or duplicate past orders
  • Add custom attributes to customer records
  • Customer tickets may be added to orders – for internal or external use

Customer Communications

  • Automated confirmation emails for new orders and shipment tracking
  • Create unlimited number of custom email templates
  • Send any email template to a single customer or to a filtered list of customers
  • Segment customers into pricing groups for orders created in SalesWarp
  • Create a quote, send to customer, and convert quote into an order, great for B2B customer

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