Category: Warehouse & Inventory Management

Simplifying Fulfillment With Smart Order Routing

Thinking about expanding your business? Multi-location fulfillment is a solution for scaling up your business as your customer orders grow. Incorporating multiple fulfillment centers increases your storage capacity and bridges the gap between products and customers, enhancing the overall shopping experience. However, managing multiple locations can become a logistical nightmare.  You need to juggle questions […]

Unit Types and Lot Codes in Warehouse Management

Efficient warehouse management is the backbone of a successful supply chain. Two essential components, unit types and lot codes, have revolutionized the way warehouses handle inventory tracking. Unit types represent standardized containers for packaging inventory, while lot codes provide crucial information about a product’s origin, processing, and manufacturing batch. Together, these systems ensure accurate inventory […]

Inventory forecasting

Inventory forecasting, also known as demand forecasting, is the process of estimating future demand for products or services to determine the appropriate inventory levels to meet customer demand. It involves analyzing historical sales data, market trends, customer behavior, and other relevant factors to make informed predictions about future demand patterns. Inventory forecasting is crucial for […]

SalesWarp Guide to Unit and Lot Code Systems

SalesWarp’s unit and lot code system allows businesses to precisely monitor individual quantities of products within their warehouses. By categorizing inventory into diverse unit types and integrating lot code tracking, SalesWarp technology adds another dimension of control when it comes to effective warehouse management. Understanding Unit Types in SalesWarp In a warehouse, units of inventory […]