Category: Warehouse & Inventory Management

Inventory forecasting

Inventory forecasting, also known as demand forecasting, is the process of estimating future demand for products or services to determine the appropriate inventory levels to meet customer demand. It involves analyzing historical sales data, market trends, customer behavior, and other relevant factors to make informed predictions about future demand patterns. Inventory forecasting is crucial for […]

SalesWarp Guide to Unit and Lot Code Systems

SalesWarp’s unit and lot code system allows businesses to precisely monitor individual quantities of products within their warehouses. By categorizing inventory into diverse unit types and integrating lot code tracking, SalesWarp technology adds another dimension of control when it comes to effective warehouse management. Understanding Unit Types in SalesWarp In a warehouse, units of inventory […]

The Power of Smart Stock Order Management Systems

The success of any warehouse operation relies heavily on efficient and adaptable inventory management. Companies that aim to go beyond basic replenishment are now realizing the importance of a comprehensive solution and are adopting smart stock order management systems (SOMS). This system offers a more in-depth approach to warehouse management by incorporating advanced features like […]

Achieving Seamless End-to-End Inventory Visibility

Research shows that the average inventory accuracy rate is only 65%. Such a low accuracy rate indicates a widespread issue within the industry. It’s crucial to keep the right amount of inventory on hand- especially for long-term profitability and customer satisfaction. The key to achieving inventory accuracy is increased visibility into your inventory. Without a […]