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Introducing WaveBatcher+

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 The brand-new WaveBatcher+ gives you unparalleled control and visibility of your warehouse and fulfillment operations! WaveBatcher+ allows you to automate the organization and scheduling of multichannel orders with the ability to simultaneously support multiple picking and batch strategies. Watch as we sit with one of the Senior Developers of WaveBatcher+, Annika, to get a […]

Is Last-Mile Delivery Sustainable?


 Discover the future of retail logistics as we answer the burning question: Is last-mile delivery a sustainable solution for retailers in the long term? Read more about Last-Mile Delivery. Want to enable Last-Mile Delivery? Contact us to schedule a free demo!

How To | Win Amazon Featured Offer


 Amazon Featured Offer is an opportunity to make your products stand out. Watch the video to learn more about Featured Offer. Want help selling on Amazon? Learn more HERE  Have questions? Contact us

How To | Build Customer Loyalty


 Want to learn more about customer loyalty and how to turn first-time buyers into loyal customers? Watch our latest video to discover proven strategies. Learn more about maximizing Customer Lifetime Value in our blog. Have questions about customer management? Contact us