Amazon MWS Discontinued: Sellers Must Migrate to SP-API

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Amazon MWS to SP API Migration

The roots of Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) date back to 2002 when developers began using it to connect with external software and applications, but the future for Amazon sellers will rely on SP-API. Amazon has announced that all apps and scripts will need to switch to the latest SP API. Sellers who do not switch will begin losing access to seller features, with the first deadline slated for September 2023. Features that will be affected include:

Orders API
Reports API
Fulfilment API
Feeds API
Finances API
Subscriptions API
And more

What is SP-API?

Switching to the Selling Partner API will offer several advantages over earlier API applications, including:

Enhancing selling efficiency
Reducing labor requirements
Improving response times to customers
Creating more opportunities for selling partners to grow their businesses.

Why is Migrating to the New SP-API Crucial?

All future development will only be accessible through the Selling Partner API. Over the next few months, functionalities associated with Amazon MWS API will be gradually phased out, and eventually, the API call process will cease entirely. It is crucial to migrate to the new SP-API to avoid any disruptions in your Amazon store’s operations.

As a seller, it is vital to stay up to date with upgrades, or risk falling behind your competitors. We can help your team quickly and easily migrate to approved SP-API! Contact us to learn more.