Challenge Tuesday: Walmart

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It’s Challenge Tuesday and we are focusing on the challenge retailers most often face when shoppers do not complete purchases- What needs to be improved or changed on your e-commerce store to increase conversions? Walmart, struggling with this as well, focused on improving its site search to help its customers through the purchasing process.


Challenge: Optimize site search for increased conversions.

Solution: Walmart realized that when consumers used their search engine, they often did not follow through with a purchase from the results landing page. Further analyzing why this might be happening, Walmart concluded that the search results did not often reveal what the consumer was looking for as the top result. Walmart created a new search algorithm that better understands consumers intent. It considers the items shoppers most often click on, products people are talking about and sharing on Facebook, and products with positive reviews. Common search terms also have custom landing pages that breaks up the search results into categories, making it easier and quicker for consumers to find what they are looking for. After the implementation, results showed a 10% to 15% increase in shoppers completing purchases.

Improving features of your E-Commerce store, such as search, enhances site navigation and allows customers to feel as though the shopping experience is customized to their needs.

How have you optimized site search? Have you experienced a jump in shoppers completing their purchases after improving your search?

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