Critical Supplies for Coronavirus / Covid-19 Response

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Our nation needs more critical supplies to stop the spread of Covid-19, we need this urgently for our medical staff, first respondents, care givers and all others who cannot isolate themselves during this crisis.

Beyond this first wave of need, we also need these critical supplies to help our citizens return to work, schools or any public places safely. Our public needs access to protective gear for use in public places until we’ve quenched this outbreak.

Fortunately, there are a lot of companies and individuals stepping up to help with these supplies from all business sectors. Our company does not manufacture physical goods; however we build cloud software that helps connect millions of buyers with retailers and manufacturers daily.

We can help companies supplying these critical supplies with ordering, inventory, pick/pack, shipping and more. Our software can be setup in a manner of hours and available on any device and any location with an internet connection.

Let us know if your company is helping in this fight and would like some assistance from SalesWarp. Our team is banded together to offer you free software, training and services during this crisis.

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Free Covid-19 Assistance for Companies shipping Critical Supplies

Stay safe and healthy!
David Potts & the entire SalesWarp Team


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