Do Social Media Followers Make You Successful? [Infographic]

Industry Insight

Gaining business value from social media followers is sometimes a challenge. Most retailers choose platforms where their customers interact and produce relevant, engaging content in hopes of gaining followers and increasing conversions. But many retailers overlook what their customers are saying. Becoming too focused on your own content may cause you a missed opportunity to engage with customers that are already talking about your company, a competitor, or a problem they may have, relevant to you. The companies that utilize social media the best are the ones that listen to their customers and respond personably with out the use of ads or push-marketing.

The infographic below, created by Campalyst, highlights the top 250 internet retailers on social media measured by their number of followers. Most are world-wide brands such as Nike, Victoria’s Secret, and Walmart with millions of followers. Although they are the top retailers, a small business can be just as successful on social networks with fewer followers and similar conversion rates.

Do you think the sheer amount of followers you have makes a business successful or is it how a business interacts with its customers?

Most followed industries:

  • Facebook- Mass Merchant
  • Twitter- Apparel/Accessories
  • YouTube- Computers/Electronics
  • Pinterest- Hardware/Home Improvement
  • Google Plus- Computers/Electronics