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What is SalesWarp’s pricing model?

SalesWarp’s solution is delivered through a cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) licensing model. SalesWarp consultants are also available for integration support. SalesWarp is committed to providing stellar service to retailers of all sizes and at all price points. The pricing model varies based on order volume and annual revenue, as well as features and functionality. Request a […]

Why do retailers need SalesWarp?

Customers today have high expectations for service and and it’s increasingly hard to differentiate excellent service and customer experiences. In today’s connected world, it’s simply too easy for shoppers to “click off” one retailer and “click on” the next one if they’re not satisfied. SalesWarp enables a consistent, high-quality customer experience while conquering the internal […]

How does SalesWarp sync data to QuickBooks?

SalesWarp can sync data to QuickBooks in two ways: 1. Detail Mode: Detail mode will sync every single order, including item detail, customer detail and individual sales receipts. If you receive thousands of orders per day it typically does not make sense to sync in this way. 2. Summary Mode: Summary mode will sync one […]