Nine E-commerce Tips for the New Year

Ecommerce - Nine Ecommerce Tips for the New Year

The beginning of the New Year is the perfect time to start fresh with your e-commerce strategy. Whether your business is continuing to soar or you have just sold your first product, creating a new strategy should always be your first priority for the beginning of the New Year.

Sales don’t have to end after the holiday season. Stay ahead of your competitors by creating an unmatched experience with new methods and tools that make e-commerce management a breeze!

Here’s a list of nine e-commerce tips to get the most out of the New Year:

Start Personalizing Your Customer Experience

What’s the point of selling something if you’re not connecting with your customer base? Consumers are more hyper-connected as their shopping journey can alter based on devices, research, and expectations. By presenting options that make sense to your customer’s unique needs, you’re not only differentiating your store but ensuring that customer comes back.

How can you personalize your brand?

Create relevant content and options for each of your customers based on their data. Everything needs to be unique from the ad they see to the fulfillment options when they check out. SalesWarp allows you to view every customer across each sales channel, with accurate order history to create enriching experiences.

Providing more fulfillment options is another way to place your customers first when personalizing your customer experience. Learn how you can fulfill orders based on your customer’s location to your warehouse or store here.

Ship Orders Faster

Fast shipping contributes to the overall customer experience, reducing abandoned carts and exceed customer expectations. Offering quick delivery is seen as a necessity for e-commerce businesses that want to thrive in the ‘right-now’ era.

Don’t leave your customers waiting for weeks to get their order.

Optimize your operations by using tools that ease the shipping process that can save you time, money, and customers. SalesWarp is fully integrated with leading shipping companies like FedEx and UPS that can make expedited shipping possible. Our in-store fulfillment system can transform your traditional store into a warehouse, allowing your store associates to fulfill orders as they wait for foot traffic. Customers close to your brick-and-mortar can also pick up their orders, creating a fulfillment process that quickens the process.

Update Your Site

Let’s face it, spending time creating a new design and updating your information can be time-consuming. But your site’s next visitor may keep moving on to the next best thing. By updating your website with the latest features, you can retain customers and watch your sales increase.

Promoting offers, featuring user reviews, and having a live chat feature can entice your visitors and establish credibility. Some brands have added social plugins into their site, creating a constant loop of connection for their customer base.

Track Your Performance

Keeping track of your data and performance is what separates successful online stores from failing ones. Data drives every sales and marketing strategy, how else would you find out what’s working and what’s not for your business?

Are you overselling your inventory? Real-time data gives you a better insight into what’s happening in your sales channels. SalesWarp allows you to view all of your inventory, order, and customer data across any sales channel. Create winning strategies with accurate data that can be accessed at any time on any device.

Revamp Your Customer Service Tools

Customer service is the key to e-commerce growth. A big issue many customers face is the lack of interaction between the consumer and company. Slow responses to messages or a complicated return policy may leave customers searching for a new company. Integrating customer relationship management tools for your e-commerce store is worth it in the long-term.

Build loyal relationships by viewing all of your customer data from one dashboard. SalesWarp makes the return process easier with easy order modification, detailed customer information, and automated customer emails. Create consistent interaction with consumers that will transform them into lifelong customers. ­

Go Mobile

It’s no secret that over half of website traffic comes from cell phones, which has ultimately changed the way we shop. Wrong image sizes and slow speeds can leave customers feeling less patient and lead to a decrease in sales. Using a mobile responsive website design can make an impact on your customer’s experience and your brand’s ranking.

Learn how SalesWarp can help optimize your website for mobile use here.

Update Your Product Catalog

Another change you should be m­­aking for your e-commerce site is updating your product information. Updating your product can let customers know which product is running low or is out of stock can save your company’s reputation.

Making changes to each product one by one may seem daunting but with an e-commerce management system, you can easily edit each order across any sales channel. SalesWarp allows you to easily manage product categories, attributes, images, and descriptions from just one dashboard, saving you time and money.

Change Your Sales Strategy

With accurate data, it’s time to put those metrics to the test and create new marketing and sales strategies for your business. Having an outdated sales strategy is a big mistake many e-commerce businesses make, slowing growth while costs remain high.

Based on your store’s KPI and data, you can make better decisions on prices, product promotions, and offers. With accurate data, your marketing and sales strategies will become more relevant to customers.

Switch to Automation

Another powerful tool that has emerged in the digital era is automation, which some say is the future of e-commerce. Automation allows you to save time, money, and improve efficiency for processes that would take twice as long if done manually. Gone are the days of using spreadsheets to track each order, by automating your business processes you can eliminate the chance of errors and unnecessary labor.

SalesWarp allows you to automate any process for your business, from order entry to fulfillment, you can spend less time on tasks and focus more on growing your business.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these nine e-commerce strategies can help increase your sales and customer retention for the start of a new quarter. What are some tips that have helped your business? Leave a comment below.