SalesWarp 2.8 to be launched at IRCE 2015… plus stay tuned for our big reveal


IRCE 2015It’s been a busy and exciting year for SalesWarp since last year’s IRCE show in Chicago. With only a week left before IRCE 2015 kicks off, SalesWarp 2.8 is on the verge of being launched! So what have we been working on all this time? Well, for one, we have put a focus on simplifying system set up and configuration for our clients. What does this mean? Less set-up costs and a shorter deployment times. By giving the end-user the tools to easily import, configure, and set up the integrations and data necessary, we have to do less customizations and integrations giving you more control over implementation and costs. These features include import and sync tools, store wizards, verification checks, templates, and drag-and-drop functionality that help the user customize the look and feel of the interface. This means less set-up costs and a quicker time to market.

We are also very excited to demo our updated Product Listing Tool. Listing products is now easier than ever, with all Amazon and eBay category and attribute options pre-built into the listing templates. With an easy-to-use filter you can quickly segment your product catalog to list multiple products to all your channels. And with our verification tool, you’re able to verify that eBay and/or Amazon will accept a product listing (you know how strict they can be) before actually listing a whole category of products. The best part is, if for some reason you receive an error, you will know exactly what needs to be addressed.

Refuel with SalesWarp in Booth 319

If you saw us last year, you’ll remember we were dressed as the Doctors of Omnichannel Pain Relief. Since we’ve addressed your pains, this year we are focused on performance – so you can catch us in our running gear and handing out #RETAILFUEL to all those retailers struggling to keep up with orders and inventory because of inefficient systems.

PERFORMANCE is key for any retailer looking to scale their business and deliver consistent and seamless service to customers across all channels and during all times of the year – most importantly for some, the holidays! SalesWarp delivers real-time order processing and order routing from a single cloud-based system, and we GUARANTEEE IT! Stay tuned on Twitter (@SalesWarp) to hear how SalesWarp outperformed multiple leading Order Management Systems to be selected by an Internet Retailer Top 500 retailer, who is scheduled to go live with SalesWarp this summer!

Refuel with SalesWarp in booth 319