Streamline your Product Management and Improve Time to Market (infographic)

Industry Insight

As a retailer, product information management (PIM for retail) can be one of the most time-consuming processes associated with building and managing an eCommerce business. You need to integrate with suppliers, standardize all of your product data and easily publish to your online stores, marketplaces and other sales channels. For example, you may have 50 drop-shippers and/or suppliers, and each one supplies product data in different formats with different information (i.e. descriptions, fields, attributes…). This means you may be individually managing 50 sets of product information, manually. These formats need to be reviewed, edited, content needs to be added and removed, and there are always fields missing. Before you know it over a month has past before your product data is consolidated into one database and finally ready to be published to your online stores.

This isn’t a very efficient process and the bottom line is, you’re losing sales because your products aren’t getting to market quick enough. Having a system that can integrate all of your suppliers, consolidate all of your product data, and even automate the import process is essential to improving your time-to-market. With a system like SalesWarp, your time-to-market will reduce significantly, in some cases, from months to hours, and your entire product catalog will be consistent. Take a look at the infographic below. It highlights key points and facts around time-to-market and what effect it has on accelerating your online sales.

Streamline Product Management to Improve Time To Market