Updated Feature: Product Attributes Tool

Product Updates

SalesWarp is constantly adding new features and updating the interface of the SalesWarp system to make it easier for our clients to use and navigate. The newest 2.7 release of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE is now available to new customers, and existing customers have the option of adding the new 2.7 features.

As part of SalesWarp’s Product Information Management System, SalesWarp includes a product attribute tool that allows a retailer to create individual attributes and organize them into attribute groups and attribute sets. Product attributes play a large role in building out content-rich product data on a retailer’s online store, marketplace, or comparative shopping engine. Product attributes not only describe a product but can also be used to distinguish a retailer’s product from a competitor’s. SalesWarp 2.7 features a new product attribute interface, allowing the retailer to more easily browse attributes in each attribute group.

The updated interface of the product attribute tool still contains the easy drag-and-drop functionality that existed in SalesWarp 2.6, but instead of a scrolling interface with long lists of attributes, the interface uses main tabs and sub-tabs so a retailer can view one attribute group at time.

Product Attributes

Attribute sets are displayed as side-tabs. Attribute sets contain default attribute groups displayed as sub-tabs, with the option to add additional attribute groups by simply clicking the “Add Group” tab. A new attribute field can quickly be created and then dragged and dropped into the selected group. When a different attribute set is selected, new attribute groups will appear as sub-tabs.

Once a retailer has created a complete attribute set, this attribute set can be assigned to a product. Typically a retailer will create an attribute set for similar product types, such as “Women’s Clothing”. The screen shot below shows how attribute sets translate to a product view page. The product, Honeywell, was assigned the default attribute set that contains 4 default attribute groups, represented in the image below as side-tabs. The side-tab (attribute group) Product Info is selected, allowing the retailer to view and edit the populated attribute fields.

Product Attributes

The new interface is much cleaner and allows the retailer to focus on one attribute group at a time, in order to quickly view and add new attribute fields.

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