Using Twitter to Increase Customer Engagement

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SalesWarp - Using Twitter to Increase Customer Engagement

More online stores and Ecommerce businesses are using Twitter to connect and interact with customers. To effectively manage your Twitter campaign, you need a tool to keep up with followers, steer clear of spam, or know if your Twitter engagement is paying off in ways that are meaningful to your business.

Here’s a list of Twitter tools that can help. It includes tools to analyze your Twitter reach, find and follow relevant Twitter users, filter and curate content, optimize and manage posting activity, and reduce spam.

TweetReach is a social analytics tool that provides detailed metrics on the impact of your Twitter conversations. You can measure how many accounts received your tweets, see how far your message traveled, and who is influencing the conversation about your business, products or services. You can use TweetReach to analyze tweets about hashtags, your company name; or a URL and get in-depth social analytics on reach, exposure, tweets and contributors.

Timely is a Twitter posting tool that analyzes your past 199 tweets and determines the best time slots to post in order to achieve the highest engagement in terms of views, retweets, mentions and new followers. The application uses the information gleaned from its analysis to auto-schedule your tweets at a time that it determines will be the most optimal.

Twellow, which promotes itself as “The Twitter Yellow pages,” is a directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of categories and search features designed to help users find others to follow. Though Twellow is overly laden with advertising, which clutters the interface, it is a useful tool to find new followers based on category or geographic location. Registered users can create a profile in Twellow to highlight their expertise, skills and business interests. Links to other social networks where users maintain a presence can be added, as well.

A little gem of a tool. Twepe, for a small cost, sends you a daily summary email of your Twitter follower activity, including new followers and lost followers, and alerts you immediately with an email of any mentions. The one alert it doesn’t send is favorite tweets. Twitter can do some of these things – but individually, so you receive an individual email for each follower gained (but not any lost) and any mentions. This can become overwhelming – personally I turn most Twitter notifications off and use Twepe instead. Uses of Twepe include analyzing who you should follow back and spotting Twitter bots that follow you one day, and unfollow the next in the hope you have followed them back.

Manage Filter
Most Twitter accounts will be following accounts that don’t follow them back or are inactive. These reduce the ratio of followers to followed accounts and make the account look less influential in the eyes of many. Finding and removing those that have no value to you manually is a waste of time. That’s where Manage Fitter comes in. This free tool scans your account (once you’ve given it permission) and then lists all of your followers. You can then sort them by volumes of followers, accounts they are following, the number of lists they are in and the volume of tweets they have sent. There are also filter options for accounts with no photo, that aren’t in English or are quiet or very talkative.

Once you’ve sorted your followers the way you desire – I suggest inactive, no photo and not following back as three to start off with – you can then tick and bulk unfollow accounts in one go. If you want to know more about an account, including volume of followers, following and messages, this is available by hovering the cursor over the username. It’s useful, but annoying at times – I’d rather see this next to each account on the page, as opposed to having to move the cursor to each listing.

Features include the ability to analyze followers and your following and take action against those you select. There are a lot of features here worth checking out – the one “missing” sophisticated feature is the ability to see the overlap between profiles across networks, and added accounts on one platform you already follow on another.

HootSuite gives you the basic Twitter client capabilities, Klout score readouts, and analytics for tracking tweeted links, all in an organized and streamlined interface that makes for fast, and responsive workflow.

Plenty of other Twitter tools are available – these are just a few that have useful features or have proved stable over time. No matter what tools you use, check what permission they request of your account before granting them, and, if you stop using them, log in into the Twitter site and remove their access. Watch out for tools that send a message from your account saying you are using the tool – there’s normally a tick-box.

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