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eCommerce Solutions To Help Small Businesses Manage Multiple Channels

Order Management

As a small online retailer, you know that gaining exposure to more customers can make a significant difference in how well your business does. The advent of the omnichannel shopper, new online marketplaces to sell on, and even click-and-collect, has not made it any easier to do so.

Selling on multiple shopping channels can be tricky, especially if you have to manage them separately and, in many cases, manually. If you're evaluating eCommerce solutions, make sure they provide the following functionality.

3 Ways To Improve Your e-fulfillment Process

Order Management

As a retailer, you've likely been there before - an eager customer places an order on your website, wanting their product to come in as soon as possible. You go to have their order pulled from your inventory to ship it out, only to struggle to find the product, or find out that your courier is unable to meet the timeline you've promised.

Traditional ERP or ERP for eCommerce White Paper

Industry Insight

The problem for many eCommerce retailers is that traditional ERP systems aren't designed with the eCommerce industry in mind. Because eCommerce ERP is relatively niche, merchants don’t know what to look for and often end up trying to attach best-of-breed systems to traditional ERP.