BillyTheTree Success Story

Case Studies

The Challenge

As the business expanded, jewelry retailer BillyTheTree, experienced growing pains. Like many retailers, the business struggled to find a balance between increasing online sales and declining retail margins. By 2013, the company had reached a critical juncture. The business lacked a centralized, automated system to push out product and inventory updates to its various sales channels. Weber realized that BillyTheTree would not survive if he was the only person manually managing product, order, and inventory information in multiple systems.

The Solution
In early 2014, BillyTheTree found SalesWarp. With SalesWarp, BillyTheTree secured a unique, dual-faceted software solution – a product and inventory management tool, and an order management system, at a reasonable price. SalesWarp provided BillyTheTree with one system to manage all of their back-office operations, including products, orders, inventory, customers, and purchasing.

SalesWarp helped BillyTheTree smooth its workflows and create a foundation for scaling the business.

Benefits Realized
A 33% reduction in labor costs associated with inventory management
Saves one hour per day with SalesWarp’s automated purchase order process
Able to finally deliver a unified brand experience across all sales channels