Frame My Mirror Success Story

Case Studies

The Customer

Frame My Mirror (FMM) is an online supplier of custom mirror frames based out of Atlanta, Georgia. FMM offers a wide selection of frame styles and materials to choose from, allowing customers to create a truly unique product. The company prides itself on its quick lead times and excellent customer service, making it a great choice for those looking for a high-quality custom mirror frame.

The Challenge

FMM was using WooCommerce to manage their business, but as they grew, they found that the platform couldn’t scale to their needs. At this point, the FMM team was spending too much of their time processing orders and required a dedicated team to manually filter through data each day. Caley and her team were unable to access business critical information in a timely manner because they lacked the technical skills needed to build a complicated dashboard that accessed data across multiple QuickBooks accounts, shipping systems, and e-commerce platforms.

The Solution

Frame My Mirror is now utilizing the SalesWarp Order Management System with Wayfair integration. SalesWarp provided a plug and play solution that quickly and seamlessly integrated with their existing systems, streamlined their workflow, and met all of Wayfair’s Partner standards. SalesWarp was also able to seamlessly switch FMM from WooCommerce to Shopify. SalesWarp’s system communicates between their e-commerce marketplaces, financial accounts, and shipping platforms to create an automated flow of work from start to finish. The team is now able to view and manage important information from all connected platforms on a single SalesWarp system.

Before deciding to implement SalesWarp OMS with Wayfair API Integration, the Frame My Mirror Team considered a multitude of providers. What ultimately sold the team on SalesWarp were the concrete deliverables the SalesWarp team could provide. Caley Crawford notes that many other providers made promises without a clear strategy while SalesWarp provided an actionable plan to quickly meet all of Frame My Mirror’s needs.

Benefits Realized

Seamless automation across all platforms
A single dashboard interface that covers all business operations
System compliant with Wayfair’s API standards for partners
Out-of-the-box solution that requires no technical knowledge
Full setup assistance with responsive IT support

Value Delivered

Compliance with Wayfair Partner standards and Wayfair API requirements
Flexibility to adopt Shopify and new channels with minimal effort
Managing complex operations between Wayfair, financial accounts, and shipping
Better automation, workflows and tools for the teams
Saved over 30 hours per week in manual data entry


SalesWarp Order Management System was able to take Frame My Mirror from manual platform management to an intelligent automated system that streamlined their workflow. This type of intuitive integration is crucial for freeing up resources, communicating important information across platforms, and complying with Wayfair’s latest standards for suppliers. SalesWarp has allowed the Frame My Mirror team to focus on increasing sales instead of working to keep up with existing orders. “We could not do it without [SalesWarp]”, notes Caley Crawford.