Five Quick Tips to Increase Sales

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The holiday season is right around the corner! Is your store prepared for the holiday rush? Without the right tools for your store, you can risk losing revenue and customers with just one bad experience.

Here are five quick tips that are guaranteed to increase your holiday sales this year!

Offer accelerated Shipping

Offering your customers fast shipping will keep you ahead of the competition and increase your sales by meeting this expectation for ‘products on demand’. According to a Temando study, nearly half of shoppers will abandon their carts and buy from a competitor if delivery times are too long or expensive. Fast and affordable shipping will create customers for life if done properly.

By choosing a fulfillment provider, you can provide your customers with quick shipping speed and better customer service. With SalesWarp, you’ll have access to all of the top fulfillment providers like FedEx, Pitney Bowes, UPS, and more. Learn how you can optimize your shipping here.

Use Data to Improve Your Sales Strategy

Checking numbers on a spreadsheet every once in a while won’t lead to any kind of growth. The store that keeps track of their data efficiently is always one step above their competitors. Having access to your inventory, customer, and order data can fight off the biggest Grinch of e-commerce…a bad customer experience.

The holidays are one of the busiest seasons of the year which can make any store susceptible to overselling if they aren’t actively aware of their current inventory. Data also comes in handy when your team is creating a new sales strategy. Breaking down your store’s overall performance and finding the best performing product can create new avenues for your business. Leveraging resources to focus on a top-selling product and campaign will ultimately lead to an increase in revenue growth.

SalesWarp connects you to your data with an advanced system that will allow you to view all of your data across every sales channel. With the ability to run customized reports in real-time you’ll never be out of the loop with your store’s performance.

Give Customers More Fulfillment Options

Now that we’ve mentioned fast shipping, why not give your customers more options to choose how they get their products? With traditional brick and mortar stores crumbling due to the rise of e-commerce stores they have tried another technique to meet customer expectations…which is to give customers the option to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPIS).

No longer will your sales associates have to wait for traffic in your store, you can save time and labor by having store associates fulfill orders for customers. This can transform your store into a mini-warehouse, eliminating the costs of having an actual one. With SalesWarp you can implement in-store fulfillment and more thanks to our order-routing feature that places the customer first, choosing the best fulfillment option based on location.

Create Relevant Deals

Having access to reliable data will allow you to create better promotions for your store. Creating relevant deals this holiday season can make you stick out from your competitors and lead the charts in gaining revenue. Your catalog needs to be updated before the season begins…this is where SalesWarp comes in to help.

You can change any product, whether it be an image, price, or description. Since all of your product data is in one system, you can easily find past pricing and make adjustments based on real-time updates from all of your sales channels.

Use a Better API

Having an open platform can bring your business endless opportunities for innovation and growth. SalesWarp provides a framework for third-party developers to expand the features of our current system to meet your store’s unique goals. With flexibility and the option of choosing third-party plugins, our new open platform provides endless pathways for business expansion.

Even though the holidays are close by, you can still make this season the best year for your customers. Learn how SalesWarp’s advanced tools can increase your revenue by scheduling a Free Demo with a product expert today.