How To Unify Your Brand With Product Management Software

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As an online retailer, you know that a well-presented and highly efficient Web store is essential for boosting your sales. Ecommerce and the technologies that make it possible have made a big impact on how your customers choose to shop. They have more options and shorter attention spans than ever – they want to find the right product in as little time as possible, or they may take their business elsewhere.

The best way to simplify the shopping process, and therefore improve your customer experience, is to unify your product data using product management software to create a consistent brand and product experience across every channel.

“You don’t want to view your selling options as separate channels.”

Creating a branded experience with product management software
Your customers don’t see channels, they see you providing them with the ability to shop how and where they prefer. Today’s successful retailers need to look at all of their customer touch points as one unified, branded experience. This requires consistency across all websites, online marketplaces, catalogs, shopping feeds, and retail stores.

One way to do this is with product content. Multichannel Merchant reported that text descriptions to accompany product images are essential for bringing traffic to your websites and helping you make sales. This can be a tedious task, however, as unique product descriptions take time to write and update. You don’t want the write ups for all of your products to sound the same, because that will hurt your results in search engines. At the same time, you need to make sure that a specific product has the same, correct information to go with it on every channel. Otherwise, your customers may become confused and unsure of what they are purchasing. That could cost you sales if they decide to go to a store that has clearer product details.

To save time, you can use product management software that captures all of your product content in one place. Make a change to one item and instantly update that product’s information everywhere. You end up with more time to craft eCommerce optimized listings that draw shoppers in when you aren’t wasting time updating the same product on multiple channels.

You can also make sure that all of your inventory information is up to date. Use one system to automatically push out the latest product numbers to each platform so customers always know what is available.

Sync all of your online channels at once to give customers a branded experience on any platform. Sync all of your online channels at once to give customers a branded experience on any platform.

Streamlining software to improve the customer experience
Using a connected, all-in-one program can also help you provide a branded experience to your shoppers. In the Total Retail 2015 report by the PricewaterhouseCoopers firm, is used as an example of a company that has had success in branded customer services across channels.

“You have to design a user or customer experience that fits with however the customer wants to access our services,” said the company’s CEO Caren Genthner-Kappesz. “For a particular feature, we design it across all technologies and across all screens that we know customers will want to use. So in that sense it is not a separate thing; it’s one part of the portfolio we are offering.”

By connecting all of your processes, you make a lasting impressing on your consumers, as creating brand consistency will keep your shoppers loyal.

Save yourself the hassle of developing individual programs to unify your products on each channel. Using product management software will help you accomplish all the steps you need to in a fraction of the time, allowing you to avoid inconsistencies and allocate more time to other processes that need your attention.