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The Cloud-based version of our Enterprise eCommerce Management Software
For the past three years our enterprise-level clients have driven the development of SalesWarp ENTERPRISE. As their needs have grown, SalesWarp has listened and added functionality to the platform, helping to streamline retailer’s daily eCommerce operations and processes. While our focus has been on these larger retailers, the number of eCommerce start-ups and small businesses have sky rocketed. The pains, such as manual processes, felt by our enterprise clients are also felt by these start-up companies, and are hindering their growth and potential sales.

Today, we are excited to announce the beta release of SalesWarp SPARK, our cloud-based eCommerce software which helps emerging retailers manage their products, orders, inventory and customer data at an affordable cost.

We are excited to announce our cloud-based solution which helps emerging retailers manage their products, orders, inventory and customer data.

SalesWarp SPARK will provide a platform for retailers to grow and scale with, eliminating the pains of having to re-platform down the road.

SalesWarp SPARK comes with the same easy-to-use interface as SalesWarp ENTERPRISE, a robust toolset and connectors for Magento, eBay and Amazon to start. This will help emerging retailers increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs while also helping accelerate sales through advanced automation and integration of existing systems. And retailers can get started with a minimal investment.

Key Highlights of SalesWarp SPARK Include:

  • Flexible end-to-end Order Management from online store to fulfillment with advanced order routing tools
  • Centralized Product Information Management
  • Synchronized Inventory Management across channels and warehouses
  • Integrated Warehouse and
  • Consolidated Customer Management, with order history, RMAs, refunds and notes
  • Real-time Visibility across all e-commerce operations
  • Automated Tools to reduce the time required to manage business processes
  • Smart Reporting and Analytics to track sales and profits

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This is the exciting part!

We believe that the quality feedback we receive from a diverse set of retailers helps our team address current trends and the immediate needs of retailers, and enables us to deliver more advanced and market-tested solutions to our clients. For that reason, we are seeking a small number of emerging retailers to become a part of the beta-launch of SalesWarp SPARK and to take advantage of a 90-Day FREE Trial. Retailers will have access to all the features of SalesWarp SPARK and full technical support.

In addition, SalesWarp SPARK beta users will have the opportunity to join our League of Extraordinary Retailers. We’d like to build a long-term relationship with our beta users, so we are inviting this special group of retailers to work with our product development team to suggest what we should add to our next release. The League of Extraordinary Retailers will be the first to test new features and receive all the benefits of the latest SalesWarp SPARK advancements so that they can be one step ahead of their competitors.

I hope you are excited as we are. We are looking forward to engaging with you as part of this exciting launch.

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