Introducing WaveBatcher+ | Overview

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Introducing WaveBatcher+ The latest in Multichannel order automation

WaveBatcher+ offers a comprehensive solution to warehouse challenges, automating order release and optimizing picking strategies.

Warehouse teams often grapple with diverse batch strategies, delivery visualization complexities, and the need for process automation. These challenges can lead to errors that result in delayed fulfillment. Recognizing these pain points, WaveBatcher+ has been engineered to provide a comprehensive solution.  

Ideal for multichannel operations, this technology automates the release of orders based on individual channel needs. It creates a flow through sales channels, efficiently directing orders throughout the warehouse. With intelligent automation, WaveBatcher+ brings a variety of features to streamline your warehouse processes, offering a synergistic approach to picking and batching strategies, scheduling, and more. 

Here are 5 ways that WaveBatcher+ can improve your warehouse operations. 

Streamlined Automation: 

WaveBatcher+ brings unparalleled efficiency to your warehouse through automated scheduling and order release, making multichannel order fulfillment simple. Waves of pick orders can be automatically generated at specific dates and times, reducing the need for micro-management. Using customizable parameters, it effortlessly automates common batching and picking strategies like FIFO, Search Batching, Wave-Picking, and more, ensuring a constant flow of efficiency.  

Introducing WaveBatcher+ :Simple Process Automation

Flexible Batch and Pick Support: 

WaveBatcher+ supports a wide range of picking and labor strategies, including serial picking, parallel picking, pass picking, batch picking, and more. What sets it apart is its capability to achieve this without requiring additional warehouse slotting, making it a versatile solution for those with diverse warehouse needs. Choose between an integrated ‘pick, pack, and ship’ approach or separate these stages for tailored workflow management. This flexibility gives you the ability to customize your strategy according to changing demands, maximizing productivity, and minimizing operational costs. 

Improved Dashboard Visualization: 

WaveBatcher+ enhances the visual display of deliveries, warehouse efficiency, and labor. WaveBatcher+ gives warehouse teams better insight into upcoming waves and orders in process as well as labor insights. Insights like how many pickers are on the floor vs. how many are needed to complete orders. This is just a small taste of the visibility provided by WaveBacther+, even allowing for performance comparisons across zones, sales channels, and more. 

Introducing WaveBatcher+ :Improved Dashboard Visualization

Rapid Deployment & Integration:  

Built for speed and efficiency, WaveBatcher+ is designed for quick deployment without a steep learning curve, eliminating the need for specialized warehouse staff. Well-documented and user-friendly, WaveBatcher+ seamlessly integrates into existing warehouse systems, adapting to the changing needs of your warehouse without disrupting operations or inflating operational costs.

Scalable Solution: 

Whether you run a small-scale operation or a large enterprise, the WaveBatcher+ can adapt to the unique needs of warehouses of all sizes. With its customizable features, the WaveBatcher+ streamlines order processing workflows effortlessly. Its versatility and adaptability make it the ideal solution for those utilizing diverse order fulfillment strategies.  

The WaveBatcher+ also accommodates a spectrum of different batching approaches. It stands as a versatile solution, offering unprecedented visibility into task status, warehouse performance, and more!   

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