Processing Orders With Your Fingers Crossed? With Ecommerce Sales Growth Predictions Over $1T — You Need A Powerful OMS

Industry Insight

This year the National Retail Federation is predicting retail sales will soar to more than $4T. The NRF also forecast ecommerce sales will grow between $1.4T and $1.9 in sales. With the number of transactions increasing, businesses will need more than crossed fingers and spreadsheets to process orders and keep up with customer demands. 2020, saw huge surges in new ecommerce consumer numbers and orders. The continued surges have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to keep pace with antiquated order processing systems. Consumers demand an excellent online shopping experience from checkout to delivery and customer support. This includes accurate inventory, real time updates on order and delivery statuses, and a transparent returns process. Leading ecommerce businesses are leveraging Advanced Order Management Systems (OMS) to meet both the surge in volumes and customer expectations.

An Advanced OMS will help a business meet growing order volumes, improve quality, and reduce costs. It is essential in reducing manual efforts, optimizing profits, plus improving order and fulfillment accuracy with superior data analytics. It can help the business to consistently deliver a seamless customer experience and position for growth – without having to cross your fingers and hope existing systems scale.

Fortunately, SalesWarp offers an internationally recognized, cloud-based, advanced Order Management System that easily integrates with all your sales channels and ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, instore, online, and more. Its comprehensive OMS automatically processes, fulfills, tracks orders, returns, and selects the best shipping options. All order management processes are centralized in an easy-to-use system with intelligent dashboards tailored to your business, your team, and your users in real time. Brands, retailers, and Fortune Top 10 enterprises rely on SalesWarp’s Order Management System and its best-in-class solutions to automate and manage their entire order fulfillment system from end-to-end.

With ecommerce sales forecast to boom up to $1.9T this year, and with more ecommerce buyers and orders flooding the markets, businesses need an Advanced Order Management System to compete. Now uncross your fingers, put away the spreadsheets and schedule a free 15-minute consultation. Let us show you how SalesWarp can help you sell more, make more, and manage less.