SalesWarp Helps Retail Clients Be More Competitive By Reducing Shipping Costs

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SalesWarp partners with Move Method to offer clients best-in-industry USPS Commercial Plus Pricing.

BALTIMORE, MD – SALESWARP, a leading provider of distributed order management software for omnichannel retailers, has partnered with Move Method, a shipping and logistics services company that can provide discounted shipping rates. The partnership gives SalesWarp’s clients one-click access to substantially reduced shipping rates with United States Postal Service (“USPS”) Commercial Plus Pricing.

In today’s hyper-competitive ecommerce world, retailers need to fulfill and ship orders in the most economical way possible while still meeting demanding delivery commitments. While many of the large online players can offer free shipping, same-day shipping, or drastically reduced shipping costs, smaller retailers don’t have the ability or buying power to negotiate better shipping rates.

“Our partnership with Move Method allows us to make shipping easier and more cost-effective for our clients,” said David Potts, SalesWarp’s CEO and Founder. “Clients can access the Commercial Plus Pricing and print shipping labels – all from within SalesWarp’s integrated solution. This has an immediate impact on their bottom line.”

Move Method is an authorized partner of the USPS with the charge of increasing Priority and Priority Express small package volume. Move Method’s charter places it in a unique position to provide substantial cost benefits and leverage the entire USPS organization. “The USPS has done a tremendous job of utilizing their unparalleled infrastructure to provide the American public a very cost effective and reliable small package solution. We are excited about our partnership with SalesWarp, which will allow us the opportunity to even more effectively provide this service to the business community,” said Move Method’s Executive Vice President Frank Dolce.

“Normally, a retailer needs to maintain a certain shipping volume to qualify for the Commercial Plus Pricing program, which most small retailers don’t meet,” said David Anderson, Vice President of Marketing for SalesWarp. “By leveraging Move Method’s platform, we can offer our retailers the best-in-industry USPS shipping rates, helping them be more competitive, especially during this holiday season.”

SalesWarp provides retailers with a powerful, cloud-based commerce management software that delivers advanced automation, system-wide data visibility, and real-time performance to manage cross-channel inventory, peak order volumes, customer information, and product data. With its Move Method partnership, SalesWarp continues to strengthen and expand its commerce management system.

About SalesWarp
SALESWARP is distributed order management software designed for retailers at every stage of growth. As the engine for multi-channel selling and fulfillment, SalesWarp provides global visibility of real-time inventory, orders, and customer purchase history from one centralized hub. With intelligent business logic, SalesWarp helps retailers manage operations and data more efficiently across the organization. Unmatched in scalability and performance, SalesWarp’s cloud-based software gives retailers the ability to meet both current and future customer demands, while optimizing operations to drive business growth.

About Move Method
Move Method is an authorized partner of the United States Postal Service (USPS). As an expert in USPS products and services, Move Method assists and consults with retailers and partners on how to best utilize the USPS in their shipping matrix. With the help of Move Method, B2C retailers shipping small parcels, as well as packages in the 1-3 lb. range, can save up to 46% and cut transit times versus commercial carriers.