SalesWarp Partners With Cool Pet Stuff

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SalesWarp is proud to announce their partnership with Cool Pet Stuff has made a niche in the pet products market by stocking hard to find pet items and specializing in professional and collegiate sports teams jerseys, collars, bandanas, and other sports team themed items for pets.

Cool Pet Stuff stocks the majority of the products they sell, in their 10,000-foot warehouse located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Any drop ship items they sell are generally high quality, hand-made, one at a time items. Conversely, however, they do a large volume of drop-shipping for other retailers, and this is only the beginning of where SalesWarp enters the picture.

SalesWarp implemented a Dropship Ordering System for Cool Pet Stuff, which automates the publishing of their product catalog and product availability directly to their B2B customers on a daily basis. SalesWarp’s omnichannel order and inventory management functionality ensures they’re always providing the most up to date inventory, to keep orders flowing at full throttle.

Additionally, SalesWarp automated order imports, allowing B2B customers to submit multiple orders in a single simple file format, immediately processing them for dropshipping. This minimizes time and effort on both sides – their higher volume commercial customers do not have to go through painstaking one at a time order entry processes, and it minimizes Cool Pet’s staff from having to scrutinize every dropship order. B2B orders flow through to Quickbooks Online, where all the A/R invoicing and A/R receipt functions are managed. With these enhancements, additional B2B dropship customers can be added with very little additional legwork.

The other major impact SalesWarp has established for Cool Pets Stuff is optimizing their pick and pack process. We worked with the Cool Pets team mapping out their warehouse in order to design their location numbering system, and made some modifications to the pick ticket printing system functionality related to sorting by location, which allows them to pick in a “one trip through the warehouse” manner. Their pick tickets are printed in batches of 25 orders, which correspond to the picking carts they use. They printer master pick lists of 25 order each, that shows which location to pick a product from, and which bin on the cart they should pick too, with each bin corresponding to an order. When the picker’s batch of 25 is complete, the cart goes to the packing area, and they pick up a new cart and a new batch, and begin where they left off! Packers then pick from the cart bins to boxes. This quality control step ensures that orders are picked accurately and completely! The boxes are then weighed and labels printed from the SalesWarp shipping API, getting orders set to ship off to their final destinations,  in the most efficient way possible.

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SalesWarp has allowed Cool Pet Stuff to focus on fulfilling orders, not constantly figuring out inventory or what products are available for their B2B customers, or zig-zagging back and forth through their 10,000 square foot warehouse to pick orders. SalesWarp allows Cool Pet Stuff to Sell More, Make More, and Manage Less!