SalesWarp’s Order Management Software Update – Release 3.0.8

Product Updates

One powerful benefit of using cloud-based software is that system updates are performed by our team, not yours. There’s no need for your IT team to install additional features, or perform upgrades – it’s all done behind the scenes as part of our regular maintenance.

We notify and work with our clients before performing system updates to minimize any business impact. It is crucial that while our team is making these updates, there are no interruptions to your business. To keep your business growing, stay informed and take advantage of our new feature updates!

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 most important feature updates that you need to know about.

1.) Configurable Fraud Detection Functionalities

Fraudulent activity is on the rise. As a result, our team has prioritized updates to our fraud detection tool. This allows clients to maintain greater control of items flagged for fraud review. Often, retailers are hesitant to set up fraud rules because they do not want to exclude all orders that possess one particular characteristic indefinitely. For example, if a merchant finds that orders coming from Asia are typically fraudulent, the initial reaction might be to block all orders from Asia. With increased end-user management tools, clients can make more precise selections based on a storefront, region, postal code, and other criteria, and further, can make immediate adjustments as situations and scenarios change, without being dependent on a SalesWarp team member to make these changes in the back end of the system. So instead of blocking all orders from Asia, merchants can choose to set up fraud rules that will only flag orders from Asia, and then the order can be manually reviewed to determine if it is fraudulent or not.

2.) New eCommerce Platforms & Marketplace Integrations – Volusion, Zoey, Wal-Mart

SalesWarp’s integration with these new platforms and marketplace allows retailers to maintain centralized control over product management, orders, fulfillment, shipping and more. More sales may also translate into larger minimum buys, garnering better discount terms from vendors.

The ability to sell on more channels = more sales! This is a huge opportunity for retailers to increase brand exposure and sales. In the US, is one of the most visited ecommerce sites, with over 90 million unique monthly visits.

With SalesWarp, a retailer can quickly add a new sales channel like without the additional expense of investing in new systems and people to handle the work. SalesWarp takes care of the heavy lifting/backend operations, allowing you to focus on your most-important business priorities. With expanded channel opportunities, you can also increase product reach/saturation and experiment/test with more sophisticated marketplace product segmentation and new brand launches without incurring excessive costs.

3.) Avalara Integration

With the Avalara Sales Tax Integration, our system now automatically calculates sales tax for orders created within SalesWarp, including tax exemptions, line item tax, and multiple jurisdictions, for example. This integration benefits retailers because it automates a step within the order entry process that would typically be a manual step. Not only does it save merchants time, but it also prevents calculation errors. This functionality works with any order created within SalesWarp, i.e., phone orders placed by customer service agents, or orders entered into SalesWarp and pushed to Magento storefronts.

4.) Sphinx Quick Index

With the new Sphinx “quick index” feature, retailers can now quickly search for product listing pages. Retailers with large catalogs can instantly sift through thousands of product listing pages, making the product information management process faster and easier.

5.) Cross-Sell / Upsell Support

The cross-sell and upsell support feature gives retailers the ability to more easily define product relationships, allowing merchants to cross-sell and upsell items more efficiently. Once there is an established relationship between the products, retailers can see related-item suggestions right on the order entry screen. This enhances and speeds up the order process for both the customer and retailer. It gives merchants the opportunity to more easily view, market, and sell additional complementary products to customers, and ultimately, increase sales.

On a final note, we have also made several updates to: our Shopify integration, barcoding and reporting capabilities, Amazon and BigCommerce publishing, our shipping API and more!

Are you a retailer serious about growth? We can help. See our powerful order management software in action and book a demo today!