The negative impact of slow shipping

As a retailer, when you think of shipping, the first thing that often comes to mind is cost. When it comes to running an eCommerce business, transportation management is a real challenge. It's a well-known fact that shipping fees could deter customers, but at the same time, shipping can be a real cost.

But the issue of dealing with shipping costs have been widely discusses a number of times over. There is actually another issue relating to shipping that can potentially be just as costly: delivery times. For customers, one of the worst feelings is when consumers buy an item online, two weeks pass and the packages still hasn't arrived. In an economy that encourages merchants to pursue repeat customers, prolonged delivery times can create a poor experience and dissuade shoppers from returning to your eCommerce store.

Securing the customer experience by improving sales

It's absolutely critical that merchants get in front of this issue and address it head on. Many retailers have a tendency to focus on the eCommerce operations that they directly control – setting prices, organizing inventory, creating sales, managing customer service, etc. Distribution and delivery tends to be a partner function or a different department’s responsibility. Depending on their business, merchants ship goods from their warehouses and/or third-party fulfillment partners.

If merchants want their eCommerce operations to be truly successful, they need to be present throughout the shopping experience. This starts by taking command of shipping – establishing a distribution process, determining the quality of packaging materials, etc. It goes beyond warehouse management as well, and retailers should also consider who is shipping their products (UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.) and what information is included in the package.

Ecommerce software, such as SalesWarp, can provide merchants with the vision over the delivery process they need and help automate key functions. The key benefit that eCommerce software brings to the table are options – the right solutions help them manage their fulfillment needs more successfully while reducing costs as well.

Merchants can't overlook parts of their eCommerce operations that cost them business. By using the appropriate tools to reduce delivery times, retailers will not only be creating a more enjoyable shopping experience but also improving costs.