5 Brands Thriving During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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While this year has been one of constant change and challenges, we find it inspiring to see how companies are adapting in the face of adversity to help their customers, employees and communities as a result.

Here are a handful that are Adapting and Thriving!

The Clorox Company

Source: The Clorox Company Source: The Clorox Company
The Clorox Company didn’t let the booming demand for their products stop them from advancing in the cleaning industry. The company is developing a device for a place where germs tend to thrive – the classroom. The company’s new product determines if there is a change in two common COVID-19 symptoms: temperature spikes and increases in coughs and sneezes. The classroom will have a predetermined threshold of these symptoms and if the amount rises above the threshold, the device sends real-time alerts to the school. This product will be sent out for beta testing in school districts across the country.

Ulta Beauty

Source: Summerlin Source: Summerlin
While the demand for makeup and beauty supplies has decreased, there has been a rise in the need for “self-care” products. 24% of Ulta Beauty’s sales in Q1 derived from skincare products, up 3% from 2019. The company also saw a 200% increase in e-commerce sales. Consumers needed products to pamper themselves during the pandemic and Ulta Beauty knew how to capitalize.

Beyond Meat

beyond meat Source: Beyond Meat
Now more than ever, people are eating meals in the comfort of their own homes. A survey by Hunter PR found that 54% of respondents were making more home-cooked meals as a result of the pandemic. In response, many frozen food brands have profited. Beyond Meat, a Los Angeles brand who sells plant-based substitutes, saw an astounding 192% year-over-year increase in retail channel net revenue. In Q2, net revenue increased almost 70%. To make purchases quicker and more efficient – and as a result of less foot traffic in brick-and-mortar wholesalers – Beyond Meat introduced a direct-to-consumer e-commerce website.


Away Source: Away
Since people are traveling less and staying home more, there has been an increase in pet adoptions. While the travel industry has cratered and people stopped needing luggage, it hasn’t stopped Away luggage company who quickly shifted gears into the new market. Capitalizing on the strong sector of pet owners, Away launched a line of pet carriers, perfect for Fido. These bags come with plush bedding, a pocket for collapsible water bowls and water-resistant lining. Consumers are loving this new product so much that it’s currently sold out.
Source: Zumiez Source: Zumiez

Zumiez, a top action sports retailer, has made significant changes in the wake of the pandemic. COVID-19 lockdowns caused major disruption to over 600 North American stores. However, Zumiez was equipped with the teams, technology and partners to quickly adapt. In the wave of store closings, they quickly changed operations to seamlessly meet customer demand. Zumiez managed to rapidly grow their online presence while leveraging store assets when most retailers were still pondering next steps. These store assets include ship from store, store pickup, curbside and other omnichannel methods to meet customer needs. More incredibly, Zumiez maintained employment for full-time staff while greatly expanding fulfillment from their physical stores. This resulted in trained team members operating at peak performance, accomplishing an increase in sales even amidst COVID-19.

Full disclosure, we may be a bit biased about their systems as they are a client of SalesWarp .

Whether it’s a plant-based burger company or a beauty brand, businesses in all industries have been forced to make substantial changes this year;

Do you need to change your company narrative from “difficult times” to “thriving”?

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