5 eCommerce Strategies for Memorial Day

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Memorial Day is nearly here! The kick-off for the summer season means many businesses are launching their seasonal sales and marketing strategies. Many sellers plan on dropping their prices over 70% during Memorial Day, so it’s important for your business to create a winning strategy.

It’s important to learn the importance of Memorial Day when creating promotions. This special holiday is more than just discounts and BBQs, it’s a day to show appreciation to those who have served for our country.

Check out some best practices for your store below:

Create Effective Promotions

During the holiday season, many businesses limit themselves to just one kind of promotional tactic which can hurt sales! To reach more customers you need a combination of different promotional strategies since your customers may access your shop through different ways.

Promoting special discounts and deals through email, social media, and your website can easily engage existing and potential customers to your content. Here are a few examples of how you can try out these promotions:


Get creative with your promotion emails! Using a catchy subject title and themed templates to entice customers. Email marketing campaigns are one of the most popular strategies due to their effectiveness. With a higher conversion rate of 66%, reaching out to customers through email yields the greatest ROI (Campaign Monitor).


ecommerce strategies - email graphic

Social Media:

Engage customers by promoting your business on their social media timelines. Popular social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn make it easy for businesses to advertise their products and can serve as another sales channel. Build up your company’s presence with relevant content that can lure potential customers to your storefront site.

ecommerce strategies - social media graphic


Promotional Pop-ups and Countdowns:

Creating a sense of urgency and trust can create high conversions for your website. Website pop-ups can show that your website is up to date and relevant for the season. Adding a count-down timer to your site, whether in a pop-up window or static on your navigation bar can make customers extra aware of your offers and encourage them to take action.

 ecommerce strategies - countdown graphic


Keep Your Catalog Updated

During the holiday season, it may be difficult to keep up with your catalog data when you have so many orders, everything may start to get out of control.

Keeping your catalog updated during the holiday season can take a lot of time and labor but with a Product Management Tool can let you easily edit your catalog across each sales channel in a seamless process.


Don’t Forget About the Mobile Experience

So many businesses forget to optimize their website for mobile shopping which means that many site visitors could bounce off from a page to a competitor. Enhancing your mobile site’s speed, functionality, and branding can lead to more sales and loyal customers.

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