Amazon Offers AI Image Generation For Sellers

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Amazon Offers AI Image Generation For Sellers

Amazon unveils a groundbreaking AI tool aimed at enhancing the visual appeal of product listings on its platform.

Amazon has launched a new AI tool that allows sellers on Amazon to improve the visual appeal of their product listings. In March 2023 an Amazon study revealed 75% of their advertisers struggled with building successful campaigns due to the lack of creativity in their ads. Instead of showing a product against a plain white or black background, sellers can now edit the image to look like it is in a proper setting. For example, sellers can enhance an image of a coffee mug to appear as if it is sitting on a perfectly-dressed countertop.

So How Does This New Feature Work?

In the Amazon Ad Console, advertisers first enter the SKU number for the products they want to edit. Once they have a list of all the images that are going to need altering, the AI feature will automatically place the object in the appropriate setting. Advertisers are then able to alter the image as needed. The new feature also comes with the ability to A/B test the same product with different AI-generated images to see which performs better. Currently, Amazon has only offered this image generation feature to select advertisers, but will gradually extend this feature to others.

Why Is This Feature So Important?

The Amazon Ad generator creates a more accessible and inclusive way for people to create and manipulate images without the need for expensive equipment or studio space. This AI tool also opens up opportunities for creativity and expression to those advertisers or sellers who might not have the tools to create and edit images traditionally. This feature also allows for easier collaboration with advertisers working together remotely on visual projects without the need for physical presence or shared equipment.