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Why Retailers Need a Distributed Order Management System to Support Their ERP System

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What is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Why is ERP Software Important? The acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It refers to the systems and software packages used by organizations to manage day-to-day business operations such as project management, product management, manufacturing, procurement, sales, and accounting. ERP software integrates the various systems associated with […]

Q&A with SalesWarp CEO David Potts – Omnichannel Retailing Done Right

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As customers expect more from their shopping experiences, retailers need omnichannel solutions that can deliver a consistent omnichannel experience. Retailers must alter their business strategy from a siloed channel approach to a centralized commerce focus. But delivering a true omnichannel shopping experience is challenging. Retailers must integrate back-end and front-end processes and unify various channel […]

How Retailers Can Prevent Fraud – Five Must-Read Articles

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Data security has always been a concern for retailers. Even before the Target data breach during the 2013 holiday season, over 85% of retailers said that privacy concerns related to a security breach was a top concern. The Target breach already ranks as one of the worst data breaches ever. Why? Thieves stole massive amounts […]

Top 10 Metrics Every Retailer Needs To Measure

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GUEST POST BY FIT SMALL BUSINESS Before companies had the tools to easily collect business intelligence, executives made more decisions based on experience and expertise. Today, data and analytics are more accessible through advanced technology; however, few decision-makers understand the importance of referencing this data when making business decisions, what the data means, and how […]