Automating Inventory Movement With SalesWarp SOMS

Streamline Warehouse Operations with SOMS

Ensure optimal stock levels and streamline internal inventory movement with SalesWarp’s SOMS.

SalesWarp’s Stock Order Management System (SOMS) makes automating internal inventory movement easy. Utilizing SalesWarp’s SOMS, warehouse managers can easily maintain stock levels at designated locations. With the flexibility to customize settings per location, complex stocking tasks can be tailored to their preferred level of detail. SalesWarp’s SOMS ensures that inventory is distributed optimally across warehouses by offering a range of powerful trigger conditions.

Product level-based triggers

Our use of specific conditions allows for greater control over products and how they are managed. By using triggers based on product levels, stock levels can be adjusted based on the amount of product available and the demand for that product. For example, if there is empty space in the warehouse, SalesWarp’s system can automatically generate work orders to fill that space with products depending on your needs.

Work order-based triggers

Using work orders as triggers allows for a well-coordinated response when certain work conditions are met. If a specific product goes out of stock, the system automatically generates a series of work orders to make up for the shortage. This intelligent automation ensures that the entire warehouse always has the right amount of stock, without the need for manual intervention.

Date-based triggers

Using specific dates as triggers makes it easier to manage seasonal demands and inventory adjustments. Warehouse managers can proactively control stock levels by setting up these triggers. For example, pumpkin spice coffee is a popular seasonal drink. With these triggers, you can plan to have extra stock of this flavor during the season and then return to normal levels afterward. This helps retailers stay prepared to meet customer demands without running out of stock or having too much leftover inventory.

Trigger Frequency

In some instances, you may need a task that is checked and completed regularly, like moving inventory from receiving. By adjusting the trigger frequency, you can decide precisely how often a task should be done. Having control over how frequently triggers activate ensures that tasks are generated at the intervals you choose, making the warehouse run more efficiently.

Give vs. Take

Warehouses may often receive too much stock, which needs to be redistributed to other facilities. When a location reaches its capacity, the excess stock can be “given” or transferred to other locations that can accommodate it. You can even specify which location to take inventory from and set limitations on not taking products from specific locations. This level of customization ensures that the system is tailored to meet your warehouse’s needs.

SalesWarp’s SOMS is a game-changer for businesses looking to optimize how their warehouse operates. By leveraging SalesWarp’s innovative stock order management solution, businesses can automate internal inventory movement with more control.

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