E-Commerce Horror Stories and How to Avoid Them

Don’t scare your customers away with these e-commerce nightmares this Halloween! We’ve come up with a list of terrifying situations that can pop up during the holiday season and how you can avoid them. Take a peek if you dare…

Overselling During Cyber November

It’s the first Monday after Thanksgiving which means Cyber Monday is in full effect! Your store is backed up with orders that haven’t even been processed for shipping and you’re not so sure how much products you have in stock, in fact, you haven’t seen an updated view in weeks!

Your warehouse manager calls you and frantically says that your most popular product is running short, but the orders are twice the amount of the remaining stock. How are you going to tell your customers that they’ll have to wait twice as long for their order to arrive?

Oh no! One-star reviews are starting to pile up for your store. Can your store ever recover from overselling during peak season?

Overselling your inventory can drive your store’s reputation to the ground but there are ways to rise from the dead and win back your customers. The first step is always prevention, having consistent real-time data can come in handy during the busiest times of the year for your store. Being able to have an accurate view of your inventory across all of your sales channels will save you the headache of having to deal with a reputation crisis. Consistent inventory data will help your organization in scheduling the right time to produce more goods and will lead to a better customer experience. Check out how SalesWarp’s real-time data feature can save your store just in time for holidays here.

No Automation for Tasks

You’ve spent the last several hours updating each order in your excel spreadsheet and that’s not even the last step! Since the holiday season is in full throttle, your management team has had to deal with the daunting task of taking down each out-of-stock product from your store’s online catalog. Your organization’s system isn’t the only thing breaking down, you know your team could be focusing on more tasks but will they have the time and energy to spend on the big projects?E-Commerce - SalesWarp - Automation - Angry Guy at Laptop

The issue of not having automation for your organization can make simple tasks take twice as long giving you and your team less time to prioritize larger tasks. Any small error made while doing processes manually may take twice as long to correct. Don’t leave your customers hanging due to a complex order change that would’ve taken just one click with automation.

That’s where SalesWarp comes in. Our automated workflows are proven to reduce over 80 percent of time spent on simple tasks like changing orders to be shipped to multiple addresses, simple order entry, and other processes that can be customized to fit your store’s daily routine.

Warehouse Chaos

It may begin to get a little chaotic in the warehouse during the holiday season, this may not be your first rodeo but your store has recently seen a spike in orders. Your warehouse workers are now struggling to locate products to pick, pack, and ship. The warehouse has now turned into a maze as one worker is scrambling from aisle to aisle searching for the right bin to pick products from.

How can you organize your warehouse to protect your company from delayed operations? Or the worst of them all, sending the wrong product to a customer!

Having an organized warehouse management system will lower costs and organize your warehouse to carry out efficient deliveries. SalesWarp’s enhanced WMS contains optimized location management for your warehouse, so workers will know the exact location of which bin/cart to pick with real-time updates during each step of the order process.
Don’t make the same mistakes for your store this holiday season. Learn how to master e-commerce with a demo today!